Tuesday, 25 May 2010

HREFNESHOLT > Uraungst promotional card

Item: Promotional card to promote the band's 2010 "Uraungst" release on the Percht label

Here's a quick update, for a recent Hrefnesholt promotional item received from the frozen Austrian Alps!

What we have here is a glossy colour card to promote the "Uraungst" tape recently released by Hrefnesholt on the Percht label which promises, according to the rear legend, "Extreme Perchtn' Musi Aus Osterreich". Even Nazgul can translate that, so enough said!

More of the actual release in due course, but the promotional card is interesting for the fact that the side showing the wooded glade is, in fact, an expanded version of the "Woid & Geist" demo (or, more accurately, the "Woid & Geist" demo cover is a contracted version of this photo) rather than being of the "Uraungst" cover. Strange indeed, but Nazgul is sure that there's a perfectly logical explanation for that!

It's a lush, green vegetation that covers this woodland scene, just the sort of traditional setting that suits the folk/pagan/traditional Austrian musical traditions now so much a part of the band's output.

The black and white reverse side shows a image of the tradition of Perchtn' complete with eerily masked man (and also, fascinatingly enough in a morbid kind of way, a one-legged man negotiating the snow following behind). If this talk of Perchtn' means nothing to you, then Nazgul suggests you browse back to the "Woid & Geist" Blog of 8 May this year for more details!

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