Saturday, 1 May 2010


Title: Gil-Galad
Format: Tape release on the Wulfrune Worxx label (France) in 2010, cat ref WW115, with black and white inlay. Part of the Split Series of releases, on the other side is the "Bounded By Blood" release from Hugin.
Edition: Hand-numbered to 66 copies

Track Listing:
01. Gil-Galad

If this track has a familiar title, it's doubtless because you - being an avid Huginophile - remember it from a previous post on January 14 2010, when Nazgul covered the "Vereint Durch Die Kraft Uralter Wälder" (United Through the Power of Age-Old Forests) split CDr release with Moloch. That particular release was limited to only 50 copies in a unique hand-crafted package, and the Uruk Hai contribution was this very track.

For this 2010 re-release - through the ever prolific Wulfrune Worxx - the track has been re-mastered from the 2008 original, given a new introduction (which, I think, is the voice of Gandalf from the LOTR films saying "They are coming..." but Nazgul stands to be corrected).

What Nazgul said in the January Blog piece holds true still, and as that original 2008 split is now long sold out this is a good opportunity to get your hands on the track, although with only 66 copies released on tape (this being #10) you'll not want to be taking too long to put an order in.

A splendidly ethereal, dreamy sort of muse descends whilst this song plays, but at the same time there is a frenetic insistence given to the piece by the percussion that would make it the perfect song to accompany a chase sequence in the aforementioned LOTR film trilogy.

Incidentally, in case the words aren't that clear on the image above, Hugin has kindly dedicated this tape "...from the Elven King".

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