Saturday, 1 May 2010


Title: Bounded By Blood
Reason for update: Nazgul-only edition (see text)
Edition: 1 only

It was only recently that the Hugin release "Bounded By Blood" found its way onto these pages. you may recall that the release celebrated the baptism of the youngest member of the Wieser clan, Erik.

By a strange coincidence, the Monday following the day that the original post went live (Saturday 20 March) saw the arrival at Castle Nazgul of the latest in a line of exciting looking packages from the heart of the Austrian Alps - yes, the monthly parcel from W.A.R Productions had arrived. In amongst the expected goodies was this tape, as a special bonus, which must have been put into the post a good week or more before the original tape release was covered in these pages. Great minds, thinking alike...!

This 'Nazgul only edition' contains the same pair of tracks - 'Yggdrasil' and 'Asgard' - but this time with a full colour inlay and two small photo cards of Alex, early shots with our hero wielding his 'morning star' mace. The piece also comes with a hand-designed tape logo sticker (on a jazzy red cassette) and had a nice dedication in gold on the tape case itself, plus a limitation designation #1/1 in gold on the inlay. A really personal creation which must have taken some time to put together, and this from a guy who is already busier than Nazgul can comprehend!

It's amazing the difference that simple colour can make to the presentation of a tape like this, and although clearly there are cost implications to producing a volume of demos with full colour rather than xeroxed black and white, it does make you think how spectacular a full set of the recent Wulfrune Worxx tapes would look in glorious technicolour, as well as some of the older Uruk Hai demo tapes.

Now there's a thought for a future project: colourising all of Hugin's past output of demos...!

And another passing thought - what are the odds that in the distant future the running of the Honour & Darkness Blog passes on to one of Nazgul's fledglings, who in turn will be writing reviews and thoughts herein about the musical output of one or more of the young Wieser clan....? Stranger things have been known!

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