Monday, 5 April 2010


Title: Lebensende: Winter
Format: Cassette tape, issued on the Depressive Illusions label (Ukraine) in 2010, catalogue reference CUT040. Tape comes with pro-printed glossy inlay.
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of 33 copies

Track Listing:

01. Lebensende: Winter (official version) 10.34
02. Lebensende: Winter (tape version) 10.34

A new label this, blazing a path to release some of Hugin's more recent releases, and what a quality job they have made of it too. Depressive Illusions is currently putting out a number of releases by Hrefnesholt, B-Machina, Uruk Hai as well as other bands in these genres (Moloch, for example) so is a label well worth your support. See for yourself at the label's web-page at and tell Sergiy that Nazgul sent you!

Each tape (or 'cut', themed with the label's razor-blade logo) comes hand-numbered, and Nazgul's is #02/33, also bearing a dedication on the cover from Hugin himself, which reads "The End Comes In Winter..." This melancholy message fits with the overall theme of the release, from the cover depicting dark, snow-covered trees on a barren, snowy landscape to lyrics and musical stylings of the songs themselves. Music to brood by, one might say.

This is a very good demo, whispered vocals underpinned by some of the most atmospheric synthesiser you'll have heard for a long time interspersed with rhythmic and hypnotic drum parts. There's almost something of a 'New Romantic' leaning to some of the keyboard passages, which is a good thing rather than a criticism by the way (!), adding as it does to the sense of overall loss, regret and - that word again - melancholy that the songs convey.

The lyrics themselves, kindly supplied by Hugin, are as follows:

"Winter - so cold
A sea of Light - drowned in grey
Harsh parts - of crystal clear snow
Perforate silence - my skin
A soft glimmer - of melancholy keeps me awake -
Like white wings - in the icy winter air
Like purple throbs - beat by beat

Raise my mind - so far like near
Winter's coat wraps - like a funeral cloth
The deadly sin starts - with the first beat of a heart
The aorta dry up - in endless red"

For any fan of Uruk Hai this is a must-have demo, and Nazgul believes - looking over the official Uruk Hai pages on MySpace - that a MCD pressing of this release will also be forthcoming in the future, complete with video clip. Until that point, Nazgul urges you to buy this demo!

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