Tuesday, 6 April 2010

It's that time of year once again, folks...

Hugin, contemplating another birthday, deep in the Austrian woods

Fellow Huginophiles, we gather here once again to pay annual homage to the mighty Alex Wieser, who celebrates his birthday on 7 April 2010. It's been another busy year for the Austrian maestro, with more than a few releases finding their way into general circulation over the past 12 months and from virtually all of his various projects, side-projects and collaborations!

It's a sobering thought that in the period from 1999 to 2010 Guns N' Roses managed to release just 2 albums, one of which was a live compilation: in the same period, we've seen - at a conservative estimate - ooooh, at least 4,000 tapes, vinyls and CDs from our man Alex and his various bands! Well, maybe not quite that many of course, but a goodly number to be sure - Nazgul's library shelving is literally groaning on a regular basis now with the weight of his burgeoning collection, yet still they come...and long may this continue!

I'm sure all of Nazgul's readership will wish to join with him in wishing Alex a rousing "Huzzah" to celebrate his momentous day, and to wish him all good health and fortune over the coming year in all of his endeavours, musical and personal.

As tidings of goodwill are positively spilling over at Castle Nazgul, a small but perfectly formed competition is the order of the day as one lucky Blog follower has a chance to win an original numbered copy of the 2010 Uruk Hai cassette demo "Under the White Hands Flag", a split release of only 66 copies with Estonian horde Bestia released by the esteemed Skogen at Wulfrune Worxx. This has yet to be reviewed on Honour and Darkness and is hot off the press!

Simply email Nazgul with your answers to the two simple questions below at the usual address (tall_dai@ntlworld.com) and the winning entry will be chosen at random by the Castle's resident monkey. The closing date for entries to be received is 12pm on Tuesday, 13 April 2010.

All you have to do to win is to tell Nazgul:

(1) What do the three initials in W.A.R. Productions stand for?


(2) What are the names of the 2 members of WACH?

(the answers are available in past posts on the Blog)

Happy Birthday, Alex!

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