Tuesday, 13 April 2010

ISTEN SZEK! - update

Title: October
Format: Split CDr on the Odium Records label (UK) from 2004, catalogue reference OD006. Black and white copied inlay, silver CDr disc.
Edition: Unknown - possibly unlimited

Track Listing:

01. Untitled 03:46
02. Untitled 00:39
03. Untitled 03:06
04. Untitled 01:05
05. Untitled 02:54
06. Untitled 02:10
07. Untitled 02:40
08. Untitled 01:53
09. Isten Szek! 45:46

Were you to cast your eye back a year or so (19 April 2009 to be exact) then you would find Nazgul's original Blog on the Werwolf Productions release of the Elisabetha demo "Isten Szek!" In that post you would see a reference that read "A CDr version with alternative cover artwork apparently also exists", a fact confirmed by the inner cover of the tape pressing - shown in the last photo above - as a split recording with October.

It's taken Nazgul about a year therefore to finally track this item down, but thanks to Phil at Odium Records the split CDr in question has finally been obtained!

Phil describes the October portion of the release on the Odium webpage as "Grim Soundscapes" and the overall album is described thus:

"Created for my own gratification, a collection of experimental tracks. Originally intended for ODIUM, was later branched of and given a life of its own. Further,more experimental noise avenues have been explored, yet the works remain unavailable. Eventually a split with Elisabetha will see the darkness."

Contrary to everything that Phil wrote to me in his self-depreciating accompanying emails whilst we traded a few releases, the music by his own band October is actually very atmospheric and aptly fitting to the epithet "grim soundscapes". Synthesised and immeasurably gloomy at times (with other parts oddly reminiscent of the MenInBlack sound of The Stranglers) Nazgul has been avidly listening to this split over the past week or more, and is very grateful that Phil also included some other October material his parcel to Castle Nazgul, more of which in another post perhaps.

The Elisabetha track is the same massive 45 minute plus epic covered back in April 2009, which Nazgul described as

"a rich and atmospheric wander through strange electronic/synth landscapes and ambient scenes, leading to an overall feeling of unease and foreboding due to the nature of the occasionally discordant passages and pseudo-vocal synth pieces: some of these sound like tortured souls screaming for mercy"

Another small mystery solved, Nazgul retires to his armchair happy in the knowledge of a job well done...

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