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An interview with Alex...

It's been a while since Honour & Darkness posted a 'formal' interview with Alex / Hugin, and in the interim you've all been very patient listening to Nazgul's inane ramblings. So without further ado, let's catch up with our hero and see what's going on in the world of W.A.R...

Q1. Hails Alex, how are you?
I feel fine thanx – I'm very enthusiastic at the moment to re-arrange the "In Durins Halls" demo :-)
Q2. What's been keeping you busy recently?
As always my 2 kids :-)

Also I´m still on the hunt for new ideas to create music!

Q3. Tell us how the release party for Uruk Hai's "Black Blood, White Hand" went down at Sturmklang?
It was great, I meet a lot of nice friends there, and we also talked about a lot of projects we will run together in future! Some fans I saw for the first time there too – all great guys!

We started at 13:00 at the Sturmklang/Steinklang store in the mountains of Austria and all ended somewhere in the restaurant 'Alpenrose' with bottles of Beer & Zirbenschnaps, so you can imagine some black metal guys storming a old-fashioned restaurant in the alps of Austria - 100% fun :-)

Q4. Is the proposed wooden box version of this album still expected?
The wooden box looks awesome, its available since this week – a killer release, the best URUK-HAI release so far in my opinion! A black wooden box with logo on the top + T-Shirt, 3" Bonus CD – a must have! I love the work Max did with that release, its a great support from the label owner!
Q5. The digipak has some great photos on it - how did you come to work with this model?
I got in touch with her late 2009 and asked her to do some pics for the new URUK-HAI album, she is a nice and VERY good looking girl :-)

I asked her to do pics in the vain of Galadriel and I think she did a great job! Sad the she was not present at the release party – I think she wold been surrounded by all the man who be there!!!

The winter photos I have taken in January this year at a ski trip I did together with Roland (ex HROSSHARSGRANI guitar player) near my hometown!

Q6. Any funny stories from the party?!
Hmmm....I think the funniest thing was Dea & Alex's (from KLAMMHEIM) child playing a Barby DVD in the middle of all those soooo evil Black Metal fans and band members!
Q7. The Honour & Darkness 'Flag Counter' has visitors from over 50 countries logged now - have you been surprised about the extent of the worldwide interest in your music?
One Word: AWESOME!!!
I never imagined that my music would be interesting for so much people from so many different countries all over the world – but it's not only my work, it's also the great style that you write all of the blogs you've posted!
Q8. I suppose interest from Germany, France and the US might be expected as they are big 'metal' markets, but there are quite few fans logging in from places like Brazil, Mexico and Greece. Why do you think this might be?
Yes, they are big metal markets – but I know some great fans of my music since the beginning from Mexico (Hailz Barut) too.

I know that South America and also Greece have a huge metal market too and very true fans!!!

I saw IRON MAIDEN Flight 666 in cinema and I was surprised by the metal fans all around the world especially the for us called 'exotic' countries - there are tons of real true metal maniacs!!

Q9. There have been a lot of re-releases in the past 12 months through Wulfrune Worxx - it must be fun working with Skogen again?
Yes its great to work again with Skogen and we have many good plans for future releases: I think it will take years to get all this stuff released!
Skoken is a great guy, he has supported my project since the beginning in 1999 – Hailz to you my friend! Soon we will release an URUK-HAI series about Tolkien maps! But first we need to finish the Split series, expect some more great Split partners!!!!

Oh - a tape with cover-versions only will be out soon too!!

Q10. Why is this the right time for the reissues of so many past demos from your various bands?
A lot of people asked me about these re-releases: it happened to be the time Skogen asked me about some tape releases of my projects so we started together to re-release some old, rare or unreleased stuff at his label WULFRUNE WORXXX to remember the good old days of CHANTELOUP CREATIONS and hold high the banner of true underground!
Q11. Do you have a feel for how well those tapes (Split Series, & Honour & Darkness Series) have sold?
From my side it sold perfectly – my part of this releases is nearly sold out, some are totally sold out. I don't know how many copies Skogen has sold or traded but I think it runs pretty good!
Q12. Are there plans to reissue any of the more obscure projects - Raben Nacht, Heimatleid, etc?
No I don't think so, these 2 projects are dead and gone!
Q13. What is happening in the world of Uruk Hai at the moment - what's planned?
These days I'm working to re-arrange the complete "In Durins Halls" demo for a new CD release, you can listen to the re-arranged title track at This release will also include the cover version of SUMMONING´s 'Over Old Hills' and Pr. Sergiy from MOLOCH will be a session member again on this new re-arrangement!
Q14. I understand you had some good news recently re. the long awaited Nachtkrieg split CD?
Hahahaha, don't remind me about this odyssey!!! (see the Nachtkrieg post for more! Suffice to say, if you've been waiting to get one of these split Uruk Hai / Forgotten Tomb CDs now might be a good time...! Nazgul)
Q15. Are there any developments you can share with us for your other projects - what's happening re. B-Machina, Hrossharsgrani, WACH, etc?
New B-MACHINA releases are out now and I hope Max and we can do some new recordings again in summer 2010! WACH is awake – Reverend Kim did some great new recordings, we will work for a new album on OEC soon too! The new HROSSHARSGRANI / DEAD MAN`S HILL split CD is out now too at www.steinklang.and it includes VENOM & BEHERIT cover versions too!! The Debut album from HREFNESHOLT „Uraungst"will be released as a digipak CD late summer at PERCHT!
Q16. Is the neo-classical Elisabetha project still alive - any new music on the way there?
ELISABETHA is also dead and gone, U.B. doesn't like to do music anymore, b
ut some old unreleased stuff will be released soon too!
Q17. Following the "The First Ring" CD release, will there be any more Manwe music on the way?
Not yet, but I think in 2011 MANWE will release the debut album, it will be much more Metal than the first demo from 2005!
Q18. The Depressive Illusions label has some interesting new releases from your work - can you tell us about how this relationship began?
This need to be a secret – but support this great underground label – here you can find some really rare and good quality Black Metal & Ambient releases: for fair prices!!!
Q19. Readers of the Blog may not be as familiar with your Solid Grey and Drachenfeuer projects - what can you share with us about them and what you hope they will achieve?
SOLID GREY is a melancholic project of Piette from DEAD MAN`S HILL and me, the debut album will be released in the end of 2010. If you like THE CURE you will love SOLD GREY ;-)

DRACHENFEUER is an Epic Ambient project with strong Soundtrack atmosphere by Jim Kirkwood ( ) and me – the double CD album is finally finished, now we search for a honest label to release this album on CD!
Q20. How do you find the time to pursue all of your different projects and live a 'normal' family life too - do you ever sleep?!
Sleep is for the Dead!
Q21. Getting the right work-life balance must be tough?
Its impossible :-))
Q22. The Blog covered your "Rising Sun" tribute recently - do you have any other unreleased cover songs hidden away in the W.A.R vaults?
Yes, for example the ELISABETHA cover version of 'Transilvanian Hunger' from DARKTHRONE will be soon released as limited MCD!! It's a strange cover version with the lyrics translated in German!
Q23. How do you decide which songs to cover - are they for fun, or based on songs that have meaning for you? I only do cover versions of songs I really like a lot!
Q24. What other bands are you listening to regularly at the moment - who impresses you out there?
Currently I'm listening on my car stereo to SAMMY HAGAR & GARY MOORE (old stuff only) and THE CURE, METALLICA, SISTERS OF MERCY...
Q25. Any thoughts for the Blog readers before we sign off?
Thanx for your support all over the years – only the true underground keeps the music of my projects alive!! Fuck Off main-stream!!!

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