Saturday, 24 April 2010

Badge of Honour

What's this, Nazul? A collection of badges from some of Alex's projects
Where can I get one? Try Alex's MySpace pages (see links on the main Blog page) for details, or some labels /distros may carry them

Following on from todays "Vogelfrei" post, it occurred to Nazgul that hidden away somewhere in the dusty alcoves of the library was a box containing a few badges relating to various projects of Hugin's, not least because of the limited edition 'Vogelfrei' badge that he recalled having seen in there some while ago.

And sure enough, after a little rummaging around said badges came to light, and form the subject of this short post. Most have been obtained directly from Alex, although some are also available from other sources, notably the T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!! store for B-Machina (

The photo above shows the modest collection so far which, from top left looking across, are as follows:
  • Bonemachine "Vogelfrei" (limited to 40)
  • B-Machina / Meil Noir "Weiss" (limited to 40)
  • Elisabetha "Vampyr" bages
  • Hrefnesholt 'logo' badge
  • Hrossharsgrani "Sanguis" badge (which came with the die-hard version of this album)
  • Uruk Hai 'logo' badge
Besides those with limitations stated some of the others may well also be of limited quantity, and doubtless Nazgul will be reminded about these as soon as this post goes live!

Not withstanding these excellent badges, reference must also be made back to the wooden-box edition of Bonemachine's "Another Time" album, which had its own unique metal badge included in the set.

[Edit: Alex has just let me know the limitations on the remainder of the badges:
Elisabetha "Vampyr" bages LTD: 100
Hrefnesholt 'logo' badge LTD: 150
Hrossharsgrani "Sanguis" badge LTD: 100
Uruk Hai 'logo' badge LTD: 100]

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