Thursday, 18 March 2010

ZEIT - update

Format: CDr version of the 2006 tape release, self-released by Hugin through W.A.R. Productions (Austria). Contains different tracks to the cassette pressing and alternate artwork, with colour front and rear inlays and a plain CDr disc. Recorded between December 2000 and November 2003 at both the WAR Studios and CCP Studios in Austria.
Edition: Only 4 or 5 unnumbered copies in circulation

Track Listing:

01. Schall & Rauch 8.02
02. Die 4 Dimension 1.00
03. Raserei (Klangniederschrift Eines Krieges In 2 Akten) 7.38
04. Endzeitensturm 8.17
05. Flucht Nach Vor! 2.27
06. Reinkarnation (Probeaufnahme 2003) 3.47 CD-only
07. Z 6.26 CD-only

Fear not, inrepid readers - Uncle Nazgul has not become lost in the castle maze, nor drowned in the moat. No, more mundane matters have kept your humble scribe away from the Blog over the past week or more, but with a small opportunity today comes a quick update to sate the demands of the hordes of Huginophiles worldwide.

What you see here was a surprise to Nazgul too when Alex mentioned its existence - a CDr pressing of the "Zeit" release (covered previously in these pages on 15 August 2009), which Nazgul had thought to be a tape-only release in a limited edition of 20. It transpires that Alex made a few CDr versions too, which gained the two tracks 'Reinkarnation' and 'Z' but lost both 'Erneuerung' (which is a tape-only bonus track) and 'Akustische Impressionen Der Letzten Groszen Schlacht'. These changes, together with the alternate (and striking) artwork make this an update with a twist.

You may also recall that the vast proportion of the early tracks on this album are from the "Schwarzes Jerusalem" CDr release, with the difference being the unique songs on both the tape and CDr versions. This release was covered (almost a year ago!) on the 7 April 2009, in which Nazul proclaimed "great balls of fire - this is some good stuff! What you have on offer here is a tale of two parts: industrial hell, and catchy industrial rock. There are a couple of 'noise' based tracks scattered across the album: "Die 4. Dimension" is an minimalist industrial noise piece reminiscent of the inner workings of a machine, whilst "Flucht Nach Vor!" has a somewhat more "industrial sci-fi" feel to it, with its laser-percussion effects."

So let us consider the two additional songs on this, the even rarer CDr pressing. 'Reinkarnation' kicks off with a percussive blast before a far more relaxed strumming acoustic guitar vies with some effect-laden vocals for your attention, drums/thunder rumbling in the background. Just when you think the song will break out into a full-scale industrial-fest it reverts back to the acoustic riff, and calms things down again. A great mellow track by Bonemachine standards, and very enjoyable.

The second new, and final track on this release, and takes the listener more down the avenues of industrial-noise familiar to most Bonemachine fans. At the start it is vaguely reminiscent of 'Heimatleid', which is either ironic or terribly clever, as that track featured on the b-side of the "Zeit" tape pressing. More and varied effects pile on as the song progresses, giving your ears and imaginations a good work-out by the conclusion six and a half minutes later!

Whichever format you find it in, "Zeit" is undoubtedly a fine Bonemachine release and Nazgul commends it unto you!

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