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Werwolf Productions

Abibial (Werwolf Productions)

Nazgul is delighted to have the opportunity post this short interview with Abibial, of the esteemed Werwolf Distro. In Nazgul's early career of tracking down Alex's many and various releases the items that consistently proved amongst the hardest to find - yet were amongst the most rewarding to finally own and play - were the very limited edition Werwolf Productions releases. Always with the enigmatic label logo and simple but effective copied inlay, the excitement was palpable when a Werwolf product came through the letterbox.

Indeed, it has to be said that Nazgul has always had a soft spot for Werwolf as the very first item to find a home in Castle Nazgul was the "Honour" demo released by Abibial and his label. It also must be recorded that one of the few remaining releases from Alex's early years that Nazgul has yet to trace is the "Battle Magic" tape, also on Werwolf, so should you have one and be interested in trading for it then let me know!

Anyway, Nazgul hopes that you find this exchange with the Abibial of interest, and as you read it add your hails of thanks to yet another individual who has helped promote and spread interest in Alex's music over the years: without individuals in the scene like Abibial, willing to dedicate the time and effort to running a label and distributing music, few of us would have had the chance to discover any of Hugin's bands at all....

1. Your name and location?

My name is Abibial, I am Italian, from Bergamo, a town in Northern Italy near the Alps.

2. How did you become involved in the music business?

I played for many years in a Black Metal band named Imago Mortis, and decided to start with a little underground label/distribution named Werwolf Prod. in 2000 with Northaurora.

3. How did the Werwolf label get it's name?

I decided on the name Werwolf in honour of our Ancestors, the Longobards warriors: they loved to dress with wolfskins to frighten their enemies.

4. Is there an aim or philosophy behind the label?

Yes! To contribute to the rebirth of ancient European Spirit and Tradition, against the modern world.

5. How did you first come across Alex and his music?

I remember that a friend of mine told me about Alex for trades. I contacted him and our collaboration and friendship started.

6. What releases has the Werwolf label made of Alex's music?

I have released tapes in limited edition and a CDR, this is the list:


Blut (2003 MC lim. 66 copies)
Ancient Tales (2003 MC lim. 88 copies)


Battle Yells (2003 MC lim. 66 copies)
Battle Magic (2004 MC lim 22 copies)
Honour (2004 MC lim.40 copies)
Ea (2004 CD-R lim 100 copies)
Long Forgotten Tales (2004 MC lim 50 copies)


Isten Szek! (2001 MC lim. 66 copies)
Blutrausch (2003 MC lim. 66 copies)


Heidensturm (2004 MC lim. 50 copies)

7. Which of these items have sold the best?
The majority of the items was destined for trades and diffusion, passion and devotion to the underground music only.

8. Do you have a favourite piece of music from Alex's bands?

I like very much the Hrossharsgrani "Blut", Uruk-Hai "Battle Yells", "Long Forgotten Tales", Elisabetha "Blutrausch" and Hrefnrsholt "Heidensturm"

9. Tell us about some of the other bands you've promoted through the label?

We produced also others bands, like Winterblood (Frozen Dark Ambient), Nocratai (Industrial Black Metal), Totenkopf (Kombat Black Metal) and Sinfonica Notte (Frozen Dark Ambient)

10. What happened to the label - has it now disappeared?

The end of Werwolf Prod. was natural, simply being about having no time and an overlap of personal life priorities.

11. Have you any funny stories from the days of running Werwolf?

No particular anecdote… a simple existence!

12. Other than Nazgul, do people still ask you about the old days and seek out the Werwolf releases?

Not many, you are one of the few crazy ones! Ha Ha!!

13. What was the first single you ever bought (be honest!!)?

Ummm… I think our Italian Zucchero, but I understand that it is not my kind of music! Ha ha ha!!!

14. And the first album you ever bought?

Iron Maiden "Killers" in 1988

15. Do you have any ambitions in the music business still fulfill - tell us about what you're doing now?

Now I have another little underground mail-order & a local live agency named Omega Music Entertainment ( - e-mail: Otherwise I don’t have any business ambition, mine is pure underground metal devotion.

16. Any message for Alex?

See you in mix battle!

17. Any message for Honour & Darkness blog readers?

Thank you very much for the interview and support, write to us to receive our mail-order at

Thank you, Abibial, and good fortune with the new ventures....!

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