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Band: BONEMACHINE (amongst other artists)
Title: Skull The Stench
Format: 2 x CDr issued as a joint release by Smell The Stench (Australia) and Skull Fucking Metal (Canada) in 2008, catalogue reference STS-NET 315 / SFM-021. Colour covers in DVD case.
Edition: Presumed unlimited

Track Listing:

01 MX Nihil - While They Were Fucking I Was Setting Their House On Fire
02 Novasak - Westside Exploding
03 Wallkeeper - Static Dreams
04 Animal Machine - Dementia
05 Ego Death - Do You Believe In Goad
06 METEK - Dolt Nummer
07 Daniel Price - Break (Over For Real Mix)
08 Fbrz - Sjaelvhat
09 Messiah Complex - Untitled
10 Oubliette - Dghd
11 Sick To The Back Teeth - Ten Puff Cap
12 White Mountains - The Personal Vanities And Ambitions Of Musicians Is Hair Related
13 Doldis - Taking Advantage Of Limited Intelligence
14 Endometrium Cuntplow - Filthy Whale Killer!!!
15 Duct Tape Sadist - Piss Off
16 Astral Vomit - Spirits

01 Flat Affect - Manifest Best Interest
02 Norss - Vloek Van Norss
03 B-Machina - Rhythmus Der Einsamheit (remixed by Mystified)
04 Ghoul Detail - Mugabe
05 Djet - 60BPM
06 Mystified - Idyll (remixed by B-Machina)
07 Kenji Siratori - Bioextermination
08 Better People - Portrait Of August's Heat
09 Slop Cake & Mixturizer - Hairpin Bend 295 And Ear, Lice, Life, Scourge
10 Djet - Interval A
11 Draugluin - Taur Im Duinath
12 Glaukom Synod - Money Money Money (Remix Of ABBA)
13 Kataplasm - Submissive Meathook Posture (Remix Of Noisecore Freak)
14 Slut Kull - Corpse Fucker
15 Gas Chamber - Untitled
16 Flippin Idiots - Untitled
17 Noise Nazi - Untitled
18 Zebra Mu - Untitled Live Track
19 Not Half - Iocn Uf Malnt

It was once famously said that if Motorhead came and lived next door to you, your lawn would die. Similar adverse effects on your surroundings might prove to be the case here, with this apocalyptic 2CDr compilation "Skull The Stench", a creation from the pits of hell conceived through experimental Australian label Smell The Stench and the downright insane SkullFucking Metal label of Canada. The combination of noise, electronic experimental, and other entirely undefinable (and largely unrepeatable) genres on this release could cause strip wallpaper at 100 paces, and is as sensitive as a swift kick to the testicles.

Buried amongst this chaos we find Bonemachine. In an interesting twist on the 'let's put forward a track for the compilation' approach of other bands, here we find Bonemachine mixing work by US band Mystified, and vice versa. The former track, 'Rhythmus Der Einsamheit', see Mystified burying the usual groove and mechanical melody of Bonemachine beneath a soup of electronic and static interference - almost literally adding in bells-and-whistles effects as the track progresses. At various points we - the intrepid listener - encounter a female singer fading in and out of the mix, and various de-tuned and static effects, punctuated with a brief pause at the two-thirds point, fostering a brief but misguided belief that it's all over. Ever wondered what Bonemachine might sound like filtered through a fuzzy 1930's wind-up gramophone whilst being consistently de-tuned on the wireless? No, neither had Nazgul, but if you're interested in finding out then this is the place to begin.

By way of contrast, the Bonemachine remix of Mystified's 'Idyll' - a song that Nazgul is not familiar with in its original form, so some assumptions are to be made here - contains far clearer percussive and synthesiser melodies above a fuzzy wall of noise and electronica. The logical inference is that the melody and structure emanates from the Bonemachine side, the fuzz being the original Mystified modus operandi. It's probably an easier listen than the preceding Bonemachine remixed track, whilst maintaining elements of both band's styles.

The remainder of the album contains material from some bands familiar to Nazgul through split releases with Bonemachine in the past (noise-meisters Kenji Siratori, Novasak) and others new to me, and is simply terrifying at times - Nazgul defies anyone to sit and digest both CDrs in one sitting without experiencing adverse physical side-effects. Not that we'd expect anything else of these two labels in all honesty, STS especially, based on the track record of bands that they've promoted.

If this type of aural assault is your bag, then you'll get a buzz from this extraordinary release. For everyone else, approach with extreme caution...!

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