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Title: Pro Liberate Dimicandum Est Part II
Format: Limited edition 2CD set in DVD case released in 2009 by Steinklang Industries (Austria), cat ref SKD25, which comes with a Hrossharsgrani pin badge, signed postcard, and second disc with 2 bonus tracks in addition to the standard album. The tape version, issued in 2009 by Wulfrune Worxx (France), cat ref WW84, is part of the "Remember CC" series and has alternate artwork with just the 2 bonus tracks.
Edition: Limited edition 2CD limited to 150 unnumbered copies, tape version 44 numbered copies

Track Listing:

Bonus CD2 / tape
01. Dead Souls Forest 30.59
02. Wintertod 23.16

Nazgul's helpful note: for those reading the Blog in published order, you might like to skip ahead to the next post first, which deals with the standard release of this Hrossharsgrani album, before coming back to read this missive!

You may recall Nazgul's opinion was that old school fans of Hrossharsgrani might find the standard release of this album a little too polished, a little too soft. If so, there is a simple cure - pop the black-faced bonus CD into your death-deck, or insert tape 2 depending on preference, and prepare to hold on tight!

These two epic tracks - recorded back in 1999 and never before released - are about as primitive and ugly as early Hrossharsgrani ever got, and make such a striking contrast with the current music put out on the main album that it makes it logical (in a perverse sort of way) to pair the two discs together in this way. Goodness knows what the casual listener would make of it all, though....!?

Simply put, 'Dead Souls Forest is a drum-beat plod through a very long, almost hypnotic half hour of rhythmic music, with the occasional electronic sound interlude interjected to keep you on your toes. It's an extraordinary feat to sit through the whole song in one go - Nazgul's daily commute is barely long enough to get two thirds of the way through it - and requires a significant investment of time and patience to hear from one end to the other!

'Wintertod' almost defies description - akin to listening to a seismic event, or experiencing first-hand an aviation disaster as a crashing jumbo ploughs through a forest and elephant reserve whilst exploding on the way. Punishing to the ears, and firmly straddling the borders of Bonemachine extreme territories...

Certainly different, but definitely not to be filed under 'easy listening' ....! Great packaging in the limited edition CD version though, with a nice autographed postcard and separate inlay for the limited disc.

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