Saturday, 20 March 2010


Title: Nordlandsschlacht
Format: CDr release in a private pressing from W.A.R. Productions (Austria), numbered on the top left of the inner tray. Viking themed artwork, and plan silver disc.
Edition: Only 1 copy

Track Listing:

01. Nordlandsschlacht 8.31

As you've all been very patient these past weeks whilst the Blog received little in the way of new posts, Nazgul has unearthed this gem from his collection to share with you all to thank you for hanging on in there!

Another unique one-off release, courtesy of that splendid fellow over in the Austrian Alps, this single track CDr takes the epic 'Nordlandsschlacht' track and puts it on an EP of its very own. Some excellent artwork graces this release, particularly on the back cover where a fleet of long-ships have set sail to burn, loot, rape and pillage. Best make sure the castle portcullis is securely fastened this evening, methinks....

The song itself is a swashbuckling affair of typical Hrefnesholt merit, bringing together pounding percussion, catchy keyboard riffs and spoken word German in a riveting and memorable fashion. Never has eight and a half minutes flown by so quickly!

And good news, dear readers - this is one song that you don't need to have this unique item to enjoy: proceed with haste to procure for yourself the re-issued Hrefnesholt demo "Heidensturm" and you will find this very track as the bonus cut on that tape. Mind you, there were precious few of the re-issued tape made so you'd best be quick! Tell you what, you go and look for a copy now whilst Nazgul double-checks the portcullis fastenings....

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