Tuesday, 2 March 2010

HUGIN > coffee mug

Item: Coffee cup bearing the project logo and a rather familiar scene...
Edition: Only 2 copies

Hugin - the man - is a legend. Well, if not yet we're working on it, right?! Hugin - the band/project - is a recently created venture that in early releases so far exists to bring together the music that Alex has made for other bands through his extensive collaborative working arrangements.

Some of these collaborations have been covered in past posts on Honour and Darkness, and you may be familiar with recordings on albums by Hugin Munin, Folkearth, Dark Domination and Forgotten Land. Other collaborations we've yet to explore in these pages, such as the Nachtfalke connection.

Until this year if you wanted to hear these contributions and various ad hoc recordings you'd have to track down the original source album, but rejoice: Hugin, alongside staunch ally Skogen at Wulfrune Worxx, have - through the 2010 "Split Series" - rediscovered much of this work and re-released it on various tape releases, literally as Nazgul types this. Indeed, if you'll allow Nazgul a moment for a slight aside, should you be a French reader of the Blog this must be a good time to invest in cassette tapes as the volume of recent issues from Wulfrune Worxx has surely cornered the market in the available tape reserves of that country!!? Not that Nazgul is complaining, oh dear me no!

More coverage of these Hugin split tapes in future posts, methinks....

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this coffee cup - yet another edition to the china cabinet in the cavernous feasting halls of Castle Nazgul. The wrap-around design - showing the Hugin logo to the top left and the title "Asgard" in red to the bottom right - may strike a chord of familiarity with you, and if so it's probably because you're a Bathory fan.

The orginal artwork (shown above, third image) is originally by Peter Nicolai Arbo (June 18, 1831 – October 14, 1892) a Norwegian painter who specialized in painting motifs from Norwegian history and images from Norse mythology. He is above all noted for this striking picture - '├ůsgardsreien' - a dramatic motif based on a Norwegian folk legend and Valkyrie, which depicts a female figure from Norse mythology and has most famously (in metal circles at least) graced the cover of Bathory's "Blood, Fire, Death" release. It's not co-incidental that the lettering design of the Hugin logo mirrors that of the Bathory band design on this latter album, as it's no secret that Alex is a bit of a Bathory fan and has covered the odd track on past demos, notably 'Song To Hall Up High' from the Hrossharsgrani "Ancient Tales" demo.

Suitable for quaffing vast quantities of mead and other suitably 'epic' brews as well as coffee, Nazgul is rather fond of this mug it must be said - what a splendid fellow that Hugin is....!

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