Sunday, 7 March 2010

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Item: Mail-order catalogues for CCP Records

Just a quick entry of this bright, sunny Sunday morning: Nazgul has commented in past posts about the singular dearth of magazine items or other printed coverage of Hugin and his projects. A few clippings have made it into the Castle library, notably a Spanish magazine interview for the "A Night In The Forest" release plus a few other bits and pieces.

Whilst not a magazine in the strictest sense, these two mail-order catalogues for Austrian label CCP Records from Summer 2003 (to the left) and Autumn 2001 (on the right) did have the uncommon good sense to put our hero and Hrosshasgrani on their cover! Photo 2 shows the interviews inside, covering the "Schattenkrieger" and "The Secret Fire" albums. As these are in German, and as Nazgul's fledgling translation skills are not quite up to it, they remain untranslated at this point in time, but I'm sure at a future juncture this will be resolved.

If you are wondering about the other band members, remember that this period followed the early one-man demo period of the band when Hugin was joined by his companion raven Munin and also by Flygja on vocals, circa 2002/2003. After this, the band was put on an extended hiatus until 2006's "Rehearsal 1999" tape release on Smell the Stench, and then 2008's comeback "Sanguis" release.

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