Saturday, 20 March 2010


Title: Enter Mordor
Format: Video CD of the 'Enter Mordor' track from 2006. W.A.R. Productions release in 2008 in unique promotional format, colour covers in DVD case.
Edition: Only 1 copy

Track Listing:

01. Enter Mordor (video) 4.44

Another one-off creation from the prolific Austrian maestro, this time taking the 'Enter Mordor' bonus video from his 2006 "Lothlorien" album and re-packaging in a unique DVD case format with full colour inlay.

As you'll see from the cover, the gloomy wooded depths of Mordor are atmospherically represented alongside the One Ring (rear cover) and an emerging and somewhat enraged looking Uruk Hai (front cover).

The video track itself is a self-produced affair, showing our hero wielding his sword in the forest - hmmm, that sounds a bit dubious, but you catch my drift - with technicolour panning shots of the woods and lakeside in this recreation of Middle-Earth's most fearsome domain.... It's a splendid accompaniment to the song of the same name, with snarled male vocals being complemented perfectly by the perfectly pitched female vocals of Hildr Valkyrie amidst a nerve-jangling musical journey that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat.

Another fabulous collectable housed in the Castle Library - Nazgul is a lucky chap indeed...

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