Saturday, 20 March 2010

ELISABETHA > Huren Dracula's update

Reason for update: Alternate art for the Huren Dracula's release...that never was!

Back on 5 December last year a small colour image was featured, as artwork for a proposed CD release called "Huren Dracula's" that was due to be released in 2003 by Blodmorfogh Productions. Said release never happened, but Honour and Darkness recorded the artwork for posterity and interest.

Looking through a file of artwork drawn by the illustrator to many of Elisabetha's covers - Neon Asthet, long-time original band member - the striking black and white drawing you see here came to light, itself another alternative for a cover. Whether the drawing is contemporary with 2003 is hard to know, as it is not dated, and in design it bears a striking resemblance to the style shown on the band's "Uber das Prinzip Der Unschuld" bonus 3" CDr from 2007.

Still, well worth putting on the record as Nazgul suspects that few will have ever seen this particular composition before, more's the pity.

A feature on the artwork of Neon Asthet is long overdue on Honour and Darkness, a situation that Nazgul will remedy at first opportunity.

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