Saturday, 13 February 2010


Band: HUGIN MUNIN (featuring Alex on tracks 1, 5, 9 and 12)
Title: Viking Brothers
Format: Digipak with black-faced CD released in Europe only by Beverina & W.A.R. (Latvia/Austria) in 2009 (cat ref BW007). The digipak contains two band postcards and one small magnetic card, plus a band logo badge.
Edition: 150 unnumbered copies

Track Listing:

1. Ravens Empire 1:30
2. Battle For Asgard 3.21
3. Viking Brothers 4.45
4. Thor in Jotunheim 4:20
5. Odin's Blackwinged Messengers 3.12
6. Die For Odin 5.16
7. After Three Winters 4.28
8. Viking Funeral 4.38
9. By The Power Of Mjolnir 1.46
10. God Of War 4.02
11. Capture of Fenris 5:30
12. Set Sail Onward To Plunder 2:37

Just a quick post today, as Nazgul has a number of chores around the Castle grounds to be getting on with. However, before we begin let me quickly greet the newest honoured follower of the Blog, the 8th thus far, with hearty hails of welcome to Vruéamte.

Now then, back to Hugin Munin. As previously noted in Nazgul's review of "Raven's Empire" back in early November 2009, Hugin Munin are a five-piece Viking metal band, hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, and named after the companion ravens of Odin. This 12 track digipak CD is the band's fifth official release and combines the tracks from the "Raven's Empire" EP of 2008 and the "Die For Odin" EP from 2009. Both of those EP's were self-released affairs, so whilst the B&W issue of this digipak is confined to Europe only at least it gives a little more oxygen of publicity to the band's brand of Viking mayhem!

The connection with Alex is still the same with respect to the "Raven's Empire" EP, that short self-titled instrumental opener that was previously described in this blog as "a short, atmospheric intro contributed by Hugin of Hrossharsgrani. With swelling orchestral pomp of strings and brass and choirs, this is sweepingly cinematic in an epic, Conan The Barbarian style."

The other short atmospheric instrumental pieces combine sounds of the sea ('Set Sails Onward To Plunder') or horse-bound battle ('Odin's Blackwinged Messengers' and 'By The Power Of Mjolnir') with percussion and synth-sounds redolent of 'Gil-Galad' period Uruk Hai in a very effective manner, and would stand up as future tracks on a compilation album in Hugin's own name.

The remainder of the album from Hugin Munin gallops along nicely if you're into this sort of Viking-metal genre.

And just in case you are wondering whether Alex really has a strong connection to this South American horde, witness our hero sporting his Hugin Munin t-shirt...

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