Saturday, 20 February 2010


Title: Trummer Aus Stein
Reason for update: Promotional flyer for the demo

Back in September 2009 the long-lost demo "Trummer Aus Stein" from Hugin's side project Heimatleid was dusted off and put under the spotlight. Despite being a precursor to Bonemachine (and there is, of course, a Bonemachine track called 'Heimatleid') the sound of this particular project was early-Hrossharsgrani, pure and simple.

The demo was released in a limitation of just 100 back in 1999, and the combination of its rarity and age seems to be the main reason why it has disappeared over the years with very few people ever remembering its existence...

Which is why a small celebration of the tape should be made once again, through this simple paper flyer designed to promote the recording back in the day. Priced at the princely sum of 10 Dm (70 ATS) Nazgul wonders if the demo actually sold out, or whether there is a small box buried somewhere in the depths of Chanteloup Creations and/or Irrlichter Distro with a few dozen copies inside?! It's a safe assumption that few of these original promo flyers still exist, however, with 99.9% doubtless being consigned to the dustbin of eternity long ago.

The good news is that a second tape of Heimatleid recordings - containing the bands second demo plus bonus tracks - is safely sitting on the library shelf in Castle Nazgul, to be covered in these hallowed pages when the stars are suitably aligned....

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