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Title: Rehearsal CD I
Format: CDr release as a promotional-only item through W.A.R. Productions (WAR008) in 1999. This four-track demo was not released for sale, and was recorded between 21/9/1999 and 22/10/1999.
Edition: Believed to be around 4 or 5 copies only

Track Listing:

01. Quenta Silmarillion 61.12

02. Rot Fiel Der Tau In Ramas Edor 7.45

03. Durin 8.08

04. Khazad-Dum 2.39

Another rarity from the depths of the WAR Productions vaults, hidden away under the mountain ranges in Austria until recently liberated and sent to the Honour And Darkness archives in deepest England!

This CDr demo from 1999 contains a mixture of the extended 'Quenta Silmarillion' recording previously reviewed under the Hrossharsgrani "Ea" post of 26 January 2010, at the very cusp of the creation of the Uruk Hai project, together with earlier recordings from Hross' that hark back to the origins of the band and some hard-to-find early demos. 'Rot Fiel Der Tau In Ramas Edor', for example, was subsequently released as the bonus track on the 2000 demo release "In The Mystic Forest" for those lucky souls fortunate to grab the very limited 6 special edition signed copies on Christhunt Productions.

'Khazad-Dum' (an alternate name for the black pit of Moria) also made its appearance on the "In The Mystic Forest" demo tape, as covered in this Blog on 25 November 2009, whilst 'Durin' made its first appearance (although ironically also on a promo not-for-sale tape) on the self-titled "Hrossharsgrani" demo of 1999. This latter release, incidentally, also held the edited 44 minute version of the 'Quenta Silmarillion' epic.

Speaking of which, the 'Quenta Silmarillion' track lives again, recently remastered and reissued in 2010 in tape format under the Uruk Hai banner but in 2 versions: parts 1/2 have come out on the Hexenreich label in an edition of 50, whilst part 2 appears in the Wulfrune Worxx split series backed with Hrefnesholt's "Dunklmoos" release. The original CDr release (source of the remastered material) was a 2004 release on AMF Productions, covered in these pages on 16 June 2009.

It's all atmospheric stuff, with less of the hoof-pounding percussion of some of the early Hross' demos and more of the lush symphonic keyboards that went on to be the signature of Uruk Hai. The harsh vocals circa 1999-2000 Hross' are still present though, helping to define the music in time and acting as an interesting counter-point to the otherwise ethereal melodies.

Coming in a slim-line jewel case with photocopied inlay, it has to be said that a rather nice touch is the colour-printed disc illustration with band logo and Viking long-boat: that's a sign of taking pride on one's work if ever there was one, given that this was a one-off not intended for sale!

Nazgul once again sends hails of thanks across the chill waters of the North Sea to Hugin for the release of this gem from his own collection.

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