Thursday, 18 February 2010

...FROM THE DARK AGES - update

Title: ...From The Dark Ages
Reason for update: Alternative cover art

This is the sort of thing that keeps collectors and fans alert and bright-eyed during their forays, so Nazgul hopes you too will appreciate this short post to cover alternate artwork for the Hrossharsgrani release "...From The Dark Ages", reviewed previously on these pages on 2 July 2009.

This was, as you may recall, a cassette only release limited to 150 copies that contained both previously unreleased tracks and a sprinkling of songs from early Hross' demos. It received a favourable review back in July, and would again today as it keeps alive the immense power of the Hrossharsgrani barbarian war-machine at full-pelt, steaming towards the enemy!

The final artwork for the cover of the released version showed a shield design with the Hross' band logo above it: the images above, of a sword jutting skyward between monolithic rocks without any band logo, shows an alternative cover design that was not taken forward beyond this trial stage. The second photo in this post shows Alex's signature beneath an alternative inlay written content. Another evident if small difference between the two covers is the use of the three '...''s in the title of the artwork above to signify the passing of time, not present in the title of the final version.

You can flick back and forth between the two posts to decide which cover you prefer on balance - hey, this could be the subject of a future poll...!

[Edit 20/02/2010: Alex has emailed to add some information to this post- "This cover photo I have taken at the ruin of Waxenberg where also the "Hugin" pic from Elisabetha "Sterbegesänge" tape was taken (on the same day). This copy was the first edition of that tape - I dedicated it to my wife Elisabeth". Hugin - the incurable romantic!

The translation of the inlay text reads as follows:

"...from the dark ages,
where mighty ravens
ruled the sky
..from mystic woods
where elves danced long ago
...of gleaming swords,
in the northern terratories
from this glorious age
this ode will tell you"

More interesting by the day...!]

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