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Beverina & War Bild und TonKunstschmiede

Juris Silders

Once again it's time for one of Nazgul's infrequent short interview pieces here on Honour & Darkness, celebrating those valiant individuals who have helped to promote or support Hugin's music over the past decade and more.

Today we focus on the erstwhile Beverina label and its founder, pictured above. Take a look at that photo - would you buy a CD or tape from this man?! Well - you should! Indeed, many of us have and it's true to put on record that you'd have to go a long, long way to find a man who has offered more support to Hugin over the years. You may also be familiar with some of the artwork concepts designed by both Juris and Ruta Silders, most recently exemplified on this Blog with the "Lothlorien" tape cover and inlay.

Truly a denizen of the underworld, Nazgul hopes that you find the brief interview below of interest to get a flavour for the works of both the man and his labels...


Any nicknames?

Your label name(s)?
Beverina (1996-2008), Evil Distribution (2006 -), Beverina & War Bild und TonKunstschmiede (2008-)

What is the aim/philosophy behind your labels?
I can't tell you anything about a specific or aim/philosophy or whatever, just that my motto always has been - and still is - "In support of dark underground art"

How did you first come across Alex and his music?
It was somewhere around 1997-1998, I don't remember more precisely than that! It was in the "golden age" of the underground when labels, distros and artists traded with tape releases w/ xeroxed covers etc: this was really TRVE! :)

In that period and in that style I got from Alex some HROSSHARSGRANNI demo. If I remember rightly now on the front "artwork" was a Viking... [Nazgul's note: possibly Ancient Tales?]

What releases have your labels made of Alex's music?
I want to draw your attention to the first one that I did for Alex - it was in 2000, the tape of URUK-HAI's "Elbenwald" []. Until this tape release Beverina released almost only releases of pagan/black metal, but... :)

All that we do now, under the Beverina & War Bild und TonKunstschmiede banner, is totally different.

Which of these items have sold the best?
Speaking truly, Beverina releases never were like "best selling releases" or anything like that, but were instead "very well traded", especially all my early releases in the first 5-6 years of activity. I can tell you that the same is particularly true of the URUK-HAI "Elbenwald" tape release, that really was very well traded around the world!

What is your favourite piece of Alex's music?
Oha... this is really hard question! Possibly this sounds like I'm avoiding the question, but I enjoy all of the music that Alex makes, no matter if whether it is metal, atmospheric ambient or noise-industrial. He is real talent, and that's true!

Tell us about your own band(s)/music, if applicable?
Actually I don't create music myself, although my voice was used in some records :):):)

Your favourite book?
I couldn't tell you just the one, I am science-fiction freak and have been since childhood :)

Any favourite films?
Same as for books, there are always a couple from any genre and in any decade. I can tell what was the last film that impressed me - District 9. And looking back to my younger days, the first that impressed me the most was...Mad Max :)

Favourite food?
Anything with MEAT!!!!

What's the craziest thing you've ever done, Juris?
I still live in Latvia! Possibly you will not understand what I mean by this, but that's the truth!!!

Your best experience in life so far?
You can call me as pessimist, but I cant remember now anything good that I can describe as my 'best experience'

The worst experience in life so far?
The death of my father, about year ago.

Have you any major ambitions left to fulfil?
Very simply, at this moment just one thing - how to survive here... I don't care now about anything global at all!

Have you any message for Alex?
More noise, more noise!!!

Have you any message for the Honour & Darkness Blog readers?
Keep listening music, keep buying music, keep collecting music, keep supporting music!

My thanks to Juris for taking the time to answer these few short questions, manfully battling the flu to get Nazgul his answers in record time! Check out the labels mentioned above for yourself on these links:

Beverina & War Bild und TonKunstschmiede

Evil Distribution

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