Thursday, 25 February 2010

B-Machina > baseball cap

Item: Baseball cap sporting the B-Machina band logo
Edition: only 1

"If you want to get ahead - get a hat..."

We've seen posters, t-shirts, coffee cups and magnets, but this is a first for Honour And Darkness - an official B-Machina baseball cap!

Screen printed with the current band logo on a handy white baseball cap, Nazgul has taken this item on his travels worldwide to promote the cause of quality music. Mauritius has been graced with the cap, as has Finland (although considerably less sun shone in the latter it must be said).

Come the summer months of this year, Nazgul stretches his wings to fly from his ancestral castle to the western shores of the USA, and will once again be taking this item with him. So an early heads-up to all US fans of the Blog - should you see the cadaverous frame of a winged beast striding purposefully down the boulevards of California and Nevada sporting this B-Machina cap at a rakish angle, then bid him hails of greeting, for it will be none other than your humble scribe...

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