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Band: BONEMACHINE split release with Gruuthaagy
Title: Audible War #2
Format: CD-R only release on SkullFuckingMetal (Canada) in 2006, no reference number. Split tape with Croatian band Gruuthaagy, who support "the total death of art." Plain CDr disc in paper sleeve with edition number 'sash' fastened onto cover with rusty wire, housed in pink plastic wallet.
Edition: Only 23 numbered copies

Track Listing:
01. Crne Zastave
02. Robija
03. Heimkehrer
(Bonemachine track remixed by Gruuthaagy)
04. Heimatleid
05. Babiy Jar
06. Dark Matter (Gruuthaagy track remixed by Bonemachine)

It was six months ago to this very day that Nazgul pulled the tape "Audible War #1" from his collection and dusted it off for the readers of Honour And Darkness. How appropriate, therefore, that we turn our attention today to the second part of this release, cunningly titled "Audible War #2".

The tape version you may recall was issued by Australian label Smell The Stench. On this, the expanded CDr version, we find the involvement of our old friend Keegan from SfM. The original pressing was in a hand-numbered edition of just 23 copies (Nazgul's being #17), although if you've read the SfM interview earlier in January you'll appreciate that a number of unnumbered copies have been traded around the globe over the years to spread the good word about both of these projects.

The CDr version essentially builds on the four tracks previously reviewed with the addition of an extra track from each band, although as a nice twist the songs are previously recorded by the one artist on the split and remixed by the other. Focusing on the ' Dark Matter' track for the moment, this is a sampled set of speeches from world figures such as George Bush from the early days of the Gulf War, set to an industrial soundtrack of mechanised weirdness and a prevailing electronic 'wind' that runs throughout the song. Certainly different from the normal fare found in the Bonemachine discography, and a fun listen.

The same track, incidentally, also appears as track 4 on the limited edition "Die Fleischmaschine" release of 2006.

Nazgul ponders the potential for this remixing lark, as it isn't something that has been widely used elsewhere in this project or indeed in others from Alex. There was, of course, the "Schicksalswinde" tape of Bonemachine remixes of Moloch originals from the 2008 box-set release "Traumklange Und Klagelieder", but the potential for a remixes or even cover-songs album from some of Alex's projects must surely be a strong possibility for the future?

Actually, on a complete tangent for a moment regular readers of this Blog will soon be rewarded with a 'cover version' of a classic song from the 1960s by one of Alex's projects, which the creator himself can scarcely believe he recorded! Feel free to email Nazgul with your suggestions for band and song, but in the meantime keep your eyes peeled for a future update...!!

Otherwise, the two remaining Bonemachine tracks on this release will be familiar to you all from other releases reviewed previously in these pages, particularly the 'Heimatleid' track which is virtually ubiquitous on Bonemachine albums in the 2005-06 period. That said, Alex did once mention to Nazgul that this particular track he felt to be one of the best he'd ever recorded, so you can't blame the man for wanting to get it out there to be heard!

Nazgul seriously doubts one of the original copies with sash will be easily available to find now, but you should be able to trade with Keegan for a copy of the unnumbered album should you be inclined to want to hear it. And Nazgul strongly urges you to do so!

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