Friday, 12 February 2010

1st anniversary of Honour & Darkness

Nazgul ponders his first online anniversary...

Welcome to Nazgul's little part of the Internet, celebrating its first anniversary on this very day - 12 February 2010!

It's hard to believe that it's already been a year since the fledgling Honour And Darkness page (named after two early Uruk Hai demo tapes) saw its first post, as Nazgul spread his wings into the blogosphere to document his growing collection from the prolific Austrian music maestro, Alex Wieser. In that time we've seen a few developments, from reviews of both commercially available and one-off releases to interviews with fellow musicians and label/distro owners who have been an integral part of getting Alex's music out to the wider world. We've also seen coverage of promotional material and artwork, coverage of t-shirts and coffee mugs, in fact coverage of anything and everything Hugin where it helps to paint a fuller picture of the man and his work.

And what will 2010 bring, you may ask?

Well, more of the same is Nazgul's plan! Despite having posted 188 entries in 2009 and 25 thus far in 2010, there is still no shortage of items to consider for future posts so rest assured, as long as he is able, Nazgul intends to carry on doing what he does from the sanctity of his crumbling castle, perched high on the mountain overlooking the ruined cemetary beneath....

To get to this point, of course, has taken the combined efforts of more people than just your old uncle Nazgul, so a role of honour is right and proper to acknowledge all those that have made all of this possible over the past 12 months, and to suitably embarrass them:

  • Hails and thanks go out to Alex, of course, not only for being both a great friend and supporter of the Blog, but for allowing Nazgul access to an enormous amount of recorded and other material that is not only of great interest but is often of great rarity too, and for many unbelievable developments over the year - not least the Honour & Darkness series with Wulfrune Worxx!
  • Hails and thanks to Reverend Kim for both his friendship and for many excellent additions to Nazgul's collection, and for labours beyond the call of duty in respect of the infamous 'silver seal' edition of WACH's "The Fear" release!
  • Huge thanks to the enigmatic Skogen, of Chanteloup Creations and Wulfrune Worxx, for both retrieving previously thought lost items from the archives of his own collection (the Raben Nacht and Heimatleid tapes a case in point) and of course for having the balls to have run two labels that have supported the work of Hugin for over a decade now
  • Thanks to Micha, fellow Huginophile, friend and collector, for keeping the discographies at Metal Archives up to date after my posts and also for keeping Nazgul in the loop about the forthcoming releases! Micha, it must be said, bears with great patience my habit of posts covering random one-off items that disrupt the known list of releases for Alex's bands!
  • Thanks and drunken hails to Keegan at SfM in Canada - purveyor of both great music and crazy banter! A gentleman and a scholar both (hic!)
  • Thanks to Tanya and Igor at The Eastern Front, for a great interview on the Blog and for some fearless detective work to uncover some of the other badges from the Bonemachine "Another Time" box-set
  • Thanks to all those who Nazgul has bought items off over the years via various distros and online auction sites - too many to mention all by name, but the source of many great items. Particular hails, however, to Cedric for making the Hrossharsgrani "Urd" demo available, to James for releasing the Uruk Hai "Land Of The Shadow" CDr from hidden depths, Phillip at Odium Records for his invaluable additions to the collection, and to Andres at Hexenreich for some awesome Bonemachine items at unbeatable prices!
  • And - of course - last but by no means least my thanks to all of you, for taking the time to read and support this little venture.

When the Blog first started it gathered a core membership of just 7 Followers - the first of whom was the mysteriously named "Wood" - who had signed up (for free!) via Google to follow these missives. Since that time Nazgul had rather assumed the readership to have remained fairly small, so the recent addition of a flag counter to the site has caused some major surprise regarding visitor numbers: over 1,017 of you in the last 3 weeks alone, from as far afield as Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Mexico, Guatamala, Macedonia, Australia as well as the more anticipated territories of Germany, France, the USA and other parts of Europe.

Amazing - how many visitors will have passed through by the second anniversary Nazgul wonders?

Welcome, one and all, and I hope you will join me for the next 12 months in this great adventure....

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