Thursday, 14 January 2010


Title: Thousand Lightnings Strike
Format: Self-released promotional CDr by Alex, not a formal W.A.R. Productions release. Contains recordings from 2000-2003. Unique cover art and dedicated/signed jewel-case
Edition: Only 1 copy

Track Listing:

01. Thousand Lightnings Strike 2.51
02. Gollum 2.31
03. Elysium (Riding In Green Fields) 5.06
04. Deep Dark Forests 3.28
05. In The Green Fields 9.10
06. Menegroth 2.49
07. Back In The Fields 5.20
08. Kampf & Krieg 3.35
09. Mithrandir 5.30
10. Wo Die Schatten... 7.30
11. Vargriders 1.47
12. Battle Signs 2.37
13. Battle Magic 21.42

Following the 'traumatic' events outlined in the previous posting, Nazgul knew what was required was a good old dose of Uruk Hai to settle the stomach. And what better medicine than this - a totally unique demo that the Austrian ambient battle-machine himself made for Nazgul earlier in 2009.

The cover is brilliant if you've ever been into old school fantasy artwork or war-gaming (guilty on both counts, m'lord) and quite frankly Nazgul doesn't hold out much hope for the warrior defending himself from the forthcoming strike, no matter how many d20 rolls he makes.

The contents of this release will be familiar in part to many fans of the band, although your homework for tonight from Uncle Nazgul is to work out which other older releases the majority of tracks come from, and what unique goodie(s) are therefore left for this release alone! As a starter for ten, let me just say that there are contained on here all three tracks from a particularly rare tape release dating back to 2004 (limited to 22 only) which Nazgul has yet to add to his collection, and also a quantity of songs from a CD release from 2004 in which the disc shone with a glorious red hue and whose inlay folded out into a nice poster. The rest, on this occasion, is up to you honoured reader....

Unique releases of this sort are always a surprise and a delight to receive, which is why the joy of being both a fan and a friend of Alex's is a such a joy. And of course, unique gifts can work in both directions, so on that cryptic note keep an eye on Honour And Darkness throughout 2010 for some equally unique developments from the depths of Castle Nazgul....

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