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There are many distros and labels out there that will happily sell you Hugin's releases, some well known and others less well known. There are equally some distros and labels out there who genuinely take an interest in the scene and look after their customers well. SfM is one such place, run by Keegan over in the frozen wastelands of Canada. Keegan is most certainly 'one of the good guys' and were you to look up in the dictionary the definition of "crazy son of a bitch" you'd most likely find his photograph there!

A nicer, more genuine guy you'd be hard pressed to find and since SfM have some interesting connections with Hugin and his work a profile on Honour & Darkness seemed the thing to do. You'd be amazed what Keegan has available for sale and just how reasonable his prices are, so after you've read the interview why not check out his page at for yourself?

And so, without more ado, Nazgul's traditional Q&A commences...!

Name? Keegan
Nickname? Keeg, and alot of people say I look like Charles Manson which is neat as Charlos is one of my middle names
Label name? SkullfuckingMetal
What is your aim/philospohy behind your label? Skullfuckingmetal's main goal is too promote and support all styles of underground music and distribute it at the lowest costs possible. We are basically a non-profit label which explains the abnormally low prices.
How did you first come across Alex's music? This I can't honestly answer, I believe it was via Leigh from Smell The Stench records, sent me a Gruuthaagy cdr, not sure which one tho as it was years ago, in a trade. I believe afterwords I contacted Alex and asked him if hes interested in doing a release with us.
What releases has your label made of Alex's stuff? ELISABETHA-"Morella" CDR (neo classical music influenced by Edgar Allan Poe - limited edition of 66 copies with a unreleased version of 'Morella'); GRUUTHAAGY / BONEMACHINE Split CDR (Satanarchistelectrodoom vs. industrial heathen hell. What more can you ask for unless you don't like having your head completely fucked with? Both artists hail from parts unknown and have been tearing up the underground for quite some time now....maybe even longer then Satan himself?); B-MACHINA-"D.N.A." Cassette (75 minutes of Cyber Nuke Industrial Pop featuring Kenji SIRATORI (JP),split release with Smell The Stench Tapes, limited to 100 hand numbered copies); SKULL THE STENCH 2 CDR Compilation (35 experimental artists, featuring Bonemachine, split release with Smell The Stench), and hopefully more to come!!
Which of these items have sold the best? I've traded hundreds of the Gruuthaagy/Bonemachine split cdr via master cdr and extra covers method across the world and back countless amount of times, the others are all now out of print so they sold/traded well, Elisabetha I still have 4 copies left of.
What is your favourite piece of Alex's music? This is a really hard question to answer, I've heard several of them while I was wasted which of course really made then stand out more then usual, especially while on LSD haha. I'd say the B-Machina "D.N.A." is my favourite one as I play it quite often and always get unique feelings from it.
Tell us about your own band(s)/music: Currently I'm in a few bands. I play guitar for Warlock Moon whom is a raw black metal band from Toronto that has several releases out. Since I recently joined just last month i'm not on any of their releases yet. No doubt in the near future there will be a new Warlock Moon demo and it will be more dirty and raw then ever before! I play guitair for Crucifixxx Sodomy whom is no doubt Toronto's most controversial band due to our extreme views and live performances which usually turn into things like naked girls dancing in the pit, violence, total chaos in general. We will keep pushing the limits and sure do get a good kick outta doing so. Expect a blood soaked live ritual which will hopefully be filmed this coming weekend. In conclusion we consider Crucifixxx Sodomy a punk rock band as we don't follow the trend of black metal. Also, I have a unnamed grind jam project with a dear friend of mine from a local death metal band called Adversarial, I hope we continue to jam on a semi-regular basis as I have a lot of hatred towards the system that needs to be released before I start killing people lol. Also, I was asked to play guitar for a long running local long running spooky punk rock band called The Los Gobylnz, I'm excited to start jamming with them as I've been into their music since the late 90's and used to play shows with them back then when i was in N.F.A.
Favourite book? I only read on the internet, I read about conspiracy theories on a constant basis. It's important to be aware of the worlds problems and work on finding solutions for them. The world's in a bad situation because the reptiles and pigs in charge want us all dead.
Favourite film? I
used to be a big horror movie fanatic but don't have the attention span I once had. I'm so broke I can't even pay attention haha. I'd say the best film I've seen recently was Alex Jones "End Game".
Favourite food? Stuff that starts with P's like Perogies, Pizza or hangover food like Dangerous Dans.I stay away from unhealthy food like McDonalds or junk food in general.
Craziest thing you've ever done? Basically everyday I do something considered crazy as human beings are crazy by nature. I can be very bizarre at times. If you piss me off I get really really crazy.
Best experience in life so far? I'm not sure as I consider all experiences bad and good. I'm paranoid by nature so I constantly dissect anything that happens in this life.
Worst experience in life so far? Learning that the New World Order wants to take away my freedom of speech and kill me. It's quite tiresome and I believe its taking over my mental and physical health. Its not always easy being a true rebel by nature and not having the ability to take orders.
Ambition(s) left to fulfil? I believe there isn't much time left as planet earth has gone extinct 5 times thus far. There's no denying that we are destroying ourselves and global warming is a serious matter that isn't man made. I'm finally going back to school next week at Trebas Institute for sound and audio engineering/Dj Arts. I used to be a acid tekno DJ so I'm really excited to finally be taught the ropes by professionals as I was self taught. Maybe DjSkullfucker will make a come back sometime in the near future but minus all the chemicals this time around. haha
Any message for Alex? Cheers Alex, I hope all is well with you and your family! Looking forward to any of your upcoming masterpieces of music
Any message for H&D blog readers? Keep on supporting the underground, freaks!!

And there in a nutshell you have it, honoured readers! Support Keegan and SfM and make sure one of those last 4 Morella CDrs finds a home in your collection before they're all gone....

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