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Title: Impaler's Army / Misanthropic Union / Bay Area
Format: 3CDr compilation that came with the misanthropic metal zine Gothic And Machines #3 (Turkey). The first CD-r is entitled "Misanthropic Union" and contains tracks from modern elite of Black Metal, the second CDr is entitled "Bay Area" with 16 tracks of Thrash Metal both from the greats and newcomers, and the third CDr is entitled "Impaler's Army" and contains Black Metal again.
Edition: Unknown

Track Listing:
CD1 - Misanthropic Union
01. Shining - Fields of Faceless
02. Craft - False Orders Begone
03. Lux Divina - The Great Battle of Eternal Storm
04. Judas Iscariot - Moonlight Butchery
05. Profanum - Ecce Axis Mundi
06. Forgotten Tomb - Scars
07. Arckanum - Kosmos Wardhin Draepas om Sin
08. Contamino - Emptiness Enthralls
09. Sol Negro - The Future of Man
10. Tsjuder - Ancient Hate
11. Lunar Aurora - Der Tag
12. Your Shapeless Beauty - Wolfs Are not Yours
13. Krohm - Verenes Call
14. Negura Bunget - Vazduh
CD2 - Bay Area
01. Brain Implosion - Soundgrains
02. Violence - Bodies on Bodies
03. Dekapitator - Hell's Metal
04. Pestilence - Chemo-therapy
05. The Accused - Tearin' me Apart
06. Slaughter - Flake
07. Final Breath - Exploted...
08. Turbo - Last Warrior
09. Executioner - Going Blind
10. Deliverance - Dies Irae
11. Exumer - A Mortal in Black
12. Flagellator - Souls of Unclean
13. Death Angel - Guilty of Innocence
14. Incinerator - Hypocritical Convictions
15. Slaves - Down To Heaven
16. Bywar - Thrasher's Return
CD3 - Impaler's Army
01. Elisabetha - Intro Elisabetha 5.27
02. Foscor - Old Wind's Revenge
03. Grand Belial's Key - Lamb of god Slain Will Be
04. Dies Ater - Dethrone the Weak Mortality
05. Summon - Spew Forth Blasphemy
06. Genocide Commando - Black Metal Supremacy
07. Thy Infernal - Wolfstorm
08. Winds of the Black Mountains - Seduction Of Eve
09. Casus Belli - Amber
10. Primigenium - Intolerance
11. Noctis - Those who Rot in the Shadows
12. Sear Bliss - My Journey to the Stars
13. Arghoslent - Flogging the Cargo
14. Diamond Eyed Princess - Prinsor Vigia 2

Another splendid example of collector-mania in full flight! This 3 CDr compilation covers a huge amount of bands and songs, but was bought by Nazgul for one track only, and that track is one already owned on another collection (the Elisabetha tape "Sterbegesange")!

It's still a mighty fine song mind you - full of all of the elements that makes the 'classic' radio-play era of Elisabetha's music so listenable! It really does sound like an unholy cross between a black metal song and a Dracula stage-play, and is both compelling and utterly different to anything else that this compilation throws up by comparison.

Being part of a Turkish 'zine publication, Nazgul has no idea how many of these particular sets of discs are floating around at the moment or in fact how many were originally produced. What is known is that the quality of sound may vary from track to track because (I suspect) songs were ripped from demos or vinyls and in some cases it seems to have been really hard for undamaged tracks to be taken from them. All in all, however, this sampler is quite representative for the modern metal scene.

Possibly the most gratuitous purchase yet seen on Honour And Darkness....?!

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