Wednesday, 20 January 2010

HREFNESHOLT > coffee cup

Item: Ceramic coffee cup with printed band logo
Edition: Only 2

Armed with little more than a strong black coffee, Nazgul can often be found sweeping the battlements of his crumbling castle, looking to repel potential invaders who would seek to remove the treasures from the castle library that we so fondly know as the "Hugin collection".

And what better was to quaff his morning beverage could Nazgul have than this fine caramic mug bearing the Hrefnesholt band logo? One of only a pair (the other being in the hallowed halls of W.A.R. Productions) this is a lovely addition to the collection, and now makes up an unholy triumvirate of Hugin-themed coffee mugs - Uruk Hai, Bonemachine and now Hrefnesholt.

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