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Title: Ganesha
Format: Split mini-CDr with Italian band Rose Rovine E Amanti, released on W.A.R. Productions in 2008. Card CDr is red in colour, and comes in a burgundy envelope with two magnetic band cards, 4 large postcards with band information and edition number, plus stickers.
Edition: Limited to only 44 copies

Track Listing:

01. Ganesha 3.03
Rose Rovine E Amanti
02. L'Odio! 2.25

Ganesha - one of the 5 principal Hindu deities, appearing with an elephantine countenance with a curved trunk and big ears, and a huge pot-bellied body of a human being. He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth...

And on that basis a reasonable totem to have on your CD to incur good fortune, one would think!

This is yet another limited edition (Nazgul's copy being #43 of the 44) B-Machina release coming in a coloured envelope replete with all manner of goodies in the way of promotional material and interesting band collectables.

Two short songs are the order of the day, one from each artist, and as you might imagine from the title 'Ganesha' manages to weave an Indian vibe into the Bone-Sounds produced by Alex and Max to develop quite a mysterious though catchy groove that is a welcome development in the evolving sound of this project.

The Rose Rovine E Amanti track is shorter yet, and heavily narrative driven in fast-spoken Italian (Nazgul presumes) over some darker, more ambient music than his usual lush romantic output. None the worse for that, however!

The ever-reliable Heathen Harvest website commented:

"B-Machina's 'Ganesha' is worth three minutes and as the title implies it has a bit of an eastern sound to it. Max plays his guitar gently over slow industrial and ambient soundscapes created by Alex. I really enjoyed this particular B-Machine song, but other songs I've heard weren't as pleasing for me as this one. I really liked the way the lush guitarplay and the industrial sounds are combined; seperated at first but more joined together towards the end.

W.A.R. Productions has brought forth something really wonderful with this release. Not only are both tracks very pleasant to listen to, though very short, it also comes with a wonderful array of high quality pictures, all in a red envelope sealed with a Rose Rovine E Amanti / B-Machina sticker. This is a must have for the collectors among us, a must have for whoever follows either of the two bands, and certainly considerable for anyone else. It's pleasant for the ears, pleasant for the eyes and pleasant for the soul once you know you have one of the only 44 copies."

Good luck in finding one now, though.....

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