Sunday, 3 January 2010

Followers of Honour & Darkness ... #1


In another occasional series here on the Blog, Nazgul is paying tribute to some of the Followers of Honour and Darkness. In #1 of what is going to prove a pretty short - though exclusive - series unless some of you non-members get signed-up (and Nazgul knows you're out there...) please welcome to these pages Micha.

Micha has been a great friend to Nazgul both in his mutual respect for Alex's music and also on a practical basis for helping with translation and also editing/updating the Metal Archive webpages in repect of Alex's discography.

As fellow "Huginophiles" all - why else are you reading this - Nazgul thought you might like to meet one of our own through a short series of random questions....

Name: Micha, I also have an horrible middle name I don't want to mention.
Town/Country you live in: Gerbrunn/Franconia, but my origins are in the Saarland.
Age: 21
What do you do for a living: I'm studying classical archaeology and archaeometry, so at the moment I'm living from my savings.
Favourite style of music: Black Metal
Favourite bands: Wyrd, Surturs Lohe, Die Saat, Bergthron, Wulfgar (Ger), Daily Terror AND of course Alex's music.
First album you bought: if I remember right it was Falco - Out Of The Dark (Into The Light) in 1999, but the first CD I owned was the first part of "Die Schlümpfe" Compilation.
Last album you bought: Gorbalrog - Untergang
First band you saw live: the Kelly Family in 1991 (It wasn't my fault! I was 3 years old and it was all against my will!!!), the first band I saw live by my own will was First Eight at the Nitro Festival in 2002.
Last band you saw live: Kain (Ger) in October 2009.
Favourite food: Hmmm.... don't know, maybe a good "Wiener Schnitzel".
Favourite film: Nosferatu Eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922), Star of David: Beauty Hunting
Favourite book: The Forgotten Realms, Tolkien's works
How did you first come across Alex's music: discovered Uruk-Hai on the Metal Archives while searching for Tolkien-music.
Which of Alex's projects do you follow: all except Wach, C.O.I. and B-Machina.... that isn't really my cup of tea.
What was the first thing you bought that Alex composed: Uruk Hai - Northern Lights (Tape)
What was the last thing you bought that Alex composed: soon a package will arrive containing the Honour & Darkness and some of the Remember CC series
What is your favourite release from Alex's discography: hard to say.... you can't put them all in the same bag. they are all different and each one has it's own charm. but Wolf from Hrefnesholt is one of my favourites.
What items/release(s) do you most treasure in your collection of Alex's stuff: my unique coloured version of the Lebenin tape, which I got from Alex because of a recording error on my copy of that special tape! but all of his Releases have a special place in my music collection.
What items/release(s) of his are you looking for: too many to list here!
What message do you have for Alex: keep up the good work!
What message do you have for readers of Honour & Darkness: Support!

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