Thursday, 14 January 2010

THE FIRST RING Vol.1 - update

Title: The First Ring Volume 1 [V/A]
Reason for update: Promotional material for this album

Cast your eye back to October 9 on this Blog and you will see Nazgul's glowing review of the Tolkien inspired compilation album "The First Ring" and mini-interview with it's creator, Notturno. Containing the first piece of music from Manwe for ages, plus a new Uruk Hai track, the entire CD is fabulously crafted and contains both a variety of excellent bands and music as well as super artwork.

On the subject of super artwork these three images were part of the promotional campaign for the album, and Nazgul hopes you'll agree are worthy of their own little place on Honour And Darkness. Each band gets a mention on the various images of Middle-Earth, and it has to be said that the quality of the art is both fitting to the overall concept and meticulously created.

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