Saturday, 2 January 2010

ELBENTANZ - update

Title: Elbentanz
Reason for update: Alternative cover art for the "Elbentanz" CDr release

The original limited edition "Elbentanz" release (100 copies) was covered in Honour And Darkness back on 3 October 2009, and longer-term readers of this Blog will know the varied reviews that this particular early release garnered through online reviews. Nazgul liked it, whilst acknowledging its limitations, whereas in other quarters it was seen as one of those releases that shouldn't have been issued.

Whatever your take on the issue, the CDr - issued by Odium Records - is a damn hard part of the Uruk Hai discography to find anywhere now, and if you have a copy of it (whether you love it or hate it) then you've done rather well for yourself!

Illustrated above is alternative cover-art for this very release, showing a misty view of a mysterious distant scene (which is both obscure and intriguing at the same time) with a modern yet stylised Uruk-Hai logo that was never formally used on any other album. The rear cover (shown in photo two) reminds Nazgul of the early Empyrium releases from the late '90s, albeit in black and white, and this is a good thing!

This particular find came (as so many do) within a parcel from Austria from Hugin, and is quite possibly the first time that this particular artwork has been widely seen....?

Nazgul hopes that you find it of interest, and wishes all of his readers the very best of good health and fortune in this - the first posting of 2010.

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