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Title: Ea
Format: CDr release through W.A.R. Productions (Austria) circa 1999, catalogue reference WAR010. Features two tracks recorded between 21.9.99 and 10.10.99 as a special edition. Unique front and rear colour artwork with hand-written inner.
Edition: Believed to only 1 copy

Track Listing:
01. Quenta Silmarillion 61.13

02. Der Ring Der Macht 12.12

I know what you were thinking when you read the title of this update - "old Uncle Nazgul has finally lost the plot, and has listed the Uruk Hai CD "Ea" again on his Blog. Poor old soul, he's losing his marbles...."

But wait - marbles fully intact, Nazgul has in fact unearthed a little treasure for you here with this unique version of "Ea" recorded by Hrossharsgrani back in the midst of time as a one-off recording for a friend. This particular CDr surfaced on eBay some years ago in a bundle of discs that also included "Sagen & Gedichte" and "Der Pfad Zum Tor Der Toten" and happily for Nazgul I managed to win the auction, as none of these three has he seen for sale anywhere since.

The origins of the 'Quenta Silmarillion' release is quite interesting. You may recall that there was previously a track with a similar name as the final song on the "Lieder Aus Mittelerde" tape, being the 4.26 version 'Quenta Silmarillion (Outro)' and also a 44.18 version which was on the rare self-titled "Hrossharsgrani" tape release, both recorded in 1999. This version - extended to 61.13 - is a third version of the piece, but of course the two longer versions never actually made it onto a formally release album: Both the self-titled release and "Ea" were one-off versions recorded for friends of Hugin.

The track finally was issued to the public on CDr by AMF Productions as "the first ever Uruk Hai rehearsal session", recorded between 21.9.99 and 27.9.99 as an epic 78.39 track. Given the dates on the "Ea" inlay this suggests that the Hross' version was a unique edit from that session, completed between 28.9.99 and 10.10.99 as a special piece. The Uruk Hai version, however, was not released by AMF until 2004 (it was remastered by Hugin in July 2004), so for five years this track existed in various versions before finally seeing the light of day!

The second track on "Ea" is 'Der Ring Der Macht', which doesn't actually appear on the 2000 demo that bears the same name but was compiled onto the "Demo Compilation Vol. 1" tape as covered in the Blog on 21 October 2009. Great track this one, complete with a brilliant classical sample at its end.

The artwork on this CD is particularly worthy of comment, as it is full-colour and high in quality and interest. Of course, it's not news to readers of this Blog that Hugin takes the time and trouble with his one-off releases to get them spot-on for the lucky recipient!

Intriguingly, the inlay speaks of this item as being CD1 of 3, which clearly implies another couple of discs may have been produced that are currently unknown to the world at large. Rest assured, Nazgul is keeping a keen eye on the global marketplace on the off-chance that they may surface in time...

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