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Title: Die Fleischmaschine
Format: CDr packaged in card A4 sleeve (in plastic wallet, originally sealed with sticker), released by W.A.R. Productions (Austria) in 2006. No catalogue reference.
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of 25 copies only

Track Listing:

01. Einst Im Mai 2.12
02. Heimatleid 13.00
03. Faust 21.08
04. Dark Matter (remix) 14.15
05. Kriegerische Felder Aus Hass 2.39
06. Babiy Jar 17.28
07. Blutgrund 4.33
08. Soldat 3.50

As the snow and ice piles up outside the portcullis of Castle Nazgul, he casts his mind back to the sunny summer months and to the review in Honour And Darkness of the Bonemachine release "Endzeit". In that post, it was noted that a number of releases around that period shared a similar track listing - "Endzeit", "Soldat", "Veteran" and "Die Fleischmaschine", and finally - some months after that original review - here's the limited edition A4 size "Die Fleischmaschine" covered in more detail.

Nazgul recalls buying this back in 2006 but can't actually remember whether it came from Hugin directly or via eBay. What is pretty certain, however, is that I've never seen another one for sale since, so clearly it was providential to have found it at the time (Nazgul's copy is #6 of the 25). The packaging on this limited edition - in essence an 'uber' version of "Endzeit" - is nicely done, with black text for the rear track listing being superimposed above a grey text of lyrics and the bonus of a hand-drawn cover illustration by Alex himself (the original artwork for which appeared last year on these very pages).

Where this differs from the "Endzeit" release is with the addition of two different tracks and the removal of three others, making for a different feel in the overall album. The tracks gained may be familiar to followers of this project, namely track three 'Faust' (from the "Monolog & Rythmus" album) and track four 'Dark Matter (remix)', which appears on the split CDr "Audible War 2" with Gruuthaagy. The three tracks removed from this release that appear on "Endzeit" are 'Never Stop This War', 'Eisensturm' and 'Heimkehrer'.

The songs here are the same versions as those found on the other releases, so no different mixes or versions on offer. That said, the availability of some of those earlier releases is a little hit-and-miss, so any opportunity to find these songs is always a blessing.

The music falls into that industrial/noise/ambient category that defies simple description, although there are some alternative moments on the album such as the pseudo-neofolk beginning to 'Einst Im Mai' that develops into a hard-core electro-dance anthem before disappearing rapidly into the complexity of track two, 'Heimatleid'.

Given the unusual format and hand-numbered status it is an instant collectible, and to that end sits proudly in the collection buried deep in the Castle library.

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