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Title: Der Gegner Ist Die Zeit
Format: Compilation CD on the Theramin Noise Club label (Austria) from 2007, catalogue reference tnc044. The special fold-out packaging contains three photo cards.
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of 333 copies

Track Listing:
01. The Sounds of Earth - Time is the Enemy
02. Phelios - Inside the Blue Vortex

03. WACH - Schwarze Farbe Mischt Sich 5.05
04. Matamore - Howling in the Woods
05. Vhaete - Likrom Tjuerte

06. Bonemachine - Rauschkraft 5.39
07. Natures Geometry - Negative Space Intruder (Directors Cut)
08. N.Strahl.N - Ver-Gegen-Kunft (Die Nebel Lichten Sich)
09. Agonized Land - From Nature to "Endzeit"
10. Unfinished Business - Spring Fails by Means of Automated Insight
11. Tardive Dyskinesia - Sommerende
12. Flutwacht - Searching Sou
13. Aetherfront - Interstellar Pt.1

A rather excellent compilation CD put out through the discerning Austrian label Theramin Noise Club and featuring two unique cuts from both WACH and Bonemachine. Both songs fall very much in to the industrial category (this is in the style of old-school Bonemachine material, as opposed to the modern-era B-Machina compositions between Alex and Max) and once again need to be experienced and heard to be properly understood.

A superb review of this collection appears on the pages of Heathen Harvest and it says pretty much everything that Nazgul was going to write on the subject, so without further ado...

"Just in time for the winter season: a nice compilation of thirteen bands that fall either into the dark ambient or industrial category. For me "Der Gegner ist die Zeit" is great because it features a lot of bands who have not released too much material and that I was unfamiliar with. It is nice to get compilations that feature tracks from a scene’s established artists, but it is also enjoyable to be able to discover new bands that are of interest.

The packaging on "Der Gegner ist die Zeit" is incredible, and Thermin Noise Club has really done a great job. It is an extra wide design (think of it as having the dimensions of a wide screen TV) that flips open to display the CD. The artwork on the front, back, and inside in amazing: dark forests photographed at night lie before a dark blue, cloudy night sky where streaks of clouds blend in. Inside are mini cards with more nature artwork although it is not as dark; cool nonetheless. Before even listening to the CD I was in the mood for the material. Some people say packaging does not matter, but I would strongly disagree with that. When you have it in hand, it really can amplify the experience when it is so reflective of the work it represents.

So what about the music? Really, there is not a weak track on "Der Gegner ist die Zeit". That does not mean I am going to rush to pursue every artist, but a compilation does not need to make you want to do that to be good. Everything on here is enjoyable and worth listening to, which is rare for me when listening to most compilations. All the artists are pretty low-key for the most part, and "Der Gegner ist die Zeit" is definitely more on the side of mellow rather than harsh and loud. I also really like that everyone involved generally compliment one another. That does not mean that they all sounds the same, but it is a compilation that feels like some thought was put into it and there was a general point to having these bands together instead of covering every style possible. Although there is not a single track that I would skip, I still have my favourite artists on "Der Gegner ist die Zeit" such as Phelios, Wach, Vhaete, Bonemachine, N.Strahl.N, and Aetherfront. This really is a good compilation, one that can easily be listened to from start to finish.

If you are interested in hearing some really dark ambient and industrial good artists that you are probably not familiar with, "Der Gegner ist die Zeit" is a great place to start. Most of the artists have released very little and are probably under most people’s radars. If this is your genre(s) you should consider picking this up, you would probably not be disappointed. Act fast though as there are only 333 hand-numbered copies of the CD around."
Through reasons long forgotten Nazgul has ended up with no less than 3 copies of this release (#66, #82 and #215) so if you've been looking for one for yourself then get in touch through the usual address.

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