Saturday, 9 January 2010

BLUT / SANGUIS - unique version

Title: Blut / Sanguis
Format: Unique tape edition of the Blut demo (1999) and the remastered version that appeared as Sanguis (2008), made by Alex at W.A.R. Productions in 2009. The tape comes in a hard red case with spring-mounted release mechanism, with edition sticker to rear and signed inlay cover to front.
Edition: 1 only

Track Listing:

Blut side:
1. Ozeane der Zeit
2. Kalte Nacht
3. Die Karpaten
4. Mitternacht
5. Der Pfähler
6. Sehe deinen Tod
7. Ein Meer aus Schmerzen
8. Herr über die Winde
9. Aufstieg verlorener Seelen
10. Blut I
11. Blut II
12. Apokalypse
13. Ewigkeit
14. Zuende
Sanguis Side:
1. Pax Vobiscum
2. Libera Me
3. Silentium
4. Nosferat

This was a total surprise to Nazgul, coming as a gift from Hugin back in 2009 as a special one-off version of Hrossharsgrani's "Blut" and "Sanguis" releases. From past posts, you may recall that the 2008 digipak release "Sanguis" was a re-mastered version of the original 1999 "Blut" demo, condensing the 14 songs on offer into three tracks, with the addition of a rehearsal recording 'Nosferat' that dated back to 1998.

It was the CDr version of the original demo that bore the outstanding werewolf artwork that you see adorning this new tape version, and which Alex has also made into a superb collectible t-shirt (literally signed in blood) for Nazgul as covered in the Blog on 14th November. The cover is also signed in gold pen, and the edition sticker on the back proudly proclaims this to be #1 of 1!

To have this tape in the collection is truly a special moment - again it demonstrates the time and effort that Alex is willing to put in for his fans around the world, and once again Nazgul hopes this Blog tribute helps to pay back some of this debt of gratitude.

Guaranteed not to be seen on sale anywhere soon!

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