Saturday, 5 December 2009

WAR POEMS - update

Title: War Poems (Orcish Battle Hymns Part III)
Reason for update: 2009 tape re-issue by Wulfrune Worxx (France), catalogue reference WW80, of this previously CD-only album from 2005.
Edition: 44 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:

1. Ancient Pride 21:36
2. Black Mountains River (Midgard Warriors Part II) 20:29
3. Mount Doom 20:53
4. Mettaynë (Rehearsal 1999) 06:49

Cast your mind back (or re-direct your browser if the onset of senility is upon you, as Nazgul is increasingly finding these days) to 6 October and you will see that Honour And Darkness covered the "War Poems" CD release on Dragons Breath Records, the sadly short-lived company run by Manwe's own Padre Adamo. That particular CD - resplendent in DVD sized case - was in a small pressing of only 100 copies, so many were the fans who clamoured to hear the tracks but were unable to get their hands on a copy.

Of course, as this Blog has identified over subsequent releases some of these tracks - notably 'Ancient Pride' and 'Mount Doom' - reappeared in various guises, as indeed did a revised version of 'Midgard Warriors Part II' appear on "War Poems" from an earlier split release between Uruk Hai and Arkillery.

Only the nearly 7 minute track 'Mettaynë (Rehearsal 1999)' had been left out of this re-positioning exercise, so good news all round to find that this tape reissue of the original and entire "War Poems" release includes this track and the three previously mentioned. The tape comes in the "Remember CC" Series from Wulfrune Worxx, and has all new artwork despite offering no new tracks above and beyond the original issue. For those of you equally as obsessive as Nazgul, you may be interested to see that the tape cover image of Hugin holding aloft a broadsword is taken from a publicity postcard for Uruk Hai, shown in the third photograph above.

Whilst the notion of making this release available once more is a great one, act fast - there are only 44 copies of this tape out there (Nazgul has #2 of the batch)!

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