Monday, 28 December 2009

VAMPYR - update

Title: Vampyr
Format: Cassette re-issue of the 2003 CD EP, released by Wulfrune Worxx as part of the "Remember CC" series in 2009, catalogue reference WW86. Black and white copied inlay, with tape panels on the cassette itself.
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of 44 copies

Track Listing:

1. Schauermarchen 01:44
2. Geisterstande 08:20
3. Der pfahler 03:30
4. Finster doch der tag begann 04:10
5. Der funke des lebens gar langsam verlischt 03:45
6. Sanguis vobiscum 06:20
7. Erszebet Bathori - Eine mar aus fleisch 22:19
8. Einsam in truben nachten 10:08
9. The priest must die (COUNTESS cover) 13:50

The CD pressing of this Elisabetha release was covered in this Blog on 21 October 2009: the tape re-issue shown here is the same album in terms of music, but with revised artwork and now in cassette format.

Nazgul's review back then alluded to the varied nature of this release - part 'classic' Elisabetha and part industrial homage a la 'classic' Bonemachine - and of course it's the same fare on offer here on this release. Nazgul enjoyed, although it wouldn't be everybodys cup of tea he suspects. The original CD pressing came in just 455 units, so you had to be fairly quick off the blocks to get one back in 2003. This tape edition has just 44 copies (Nazgul's being #2) so will be even harder to find!

As with the current reissue programme through Wulfrune Worxx the intent seems less to re-market the older songs in quantities accessible to the masses, but more to celebrate the music and albums that appeal to both Hugin and Skogen from those years gone by and cater for the small but discerning audience of fans who doubtless have been requesting the release of some of this work for years!

The alternate artwork on this version is rather good too, particularly the atmospheric centre panel (shown in photo 3 above) of the mist-shrouded figure in the woods. Very vampyric!

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