Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Title: Raben Nacht
Format: Eponymous cassette demo from 2000 self-released by Hugin and originally distributed through both Chanteloup Creations and Irrilchter Distro. Copied colour inlay sleeve with hand-written text.
Edition: Only 66 copies

Track Listing:

01. Trees Of Kortirion 10.57
02. Eternal Fire 4.26
03. Fleischeslust 2.40
04. Regungslose Erotik 1.53

Just when you thought the various side projects and bands that Alex has been a part of over the years were becoming clearer, up pops another one to confound and delight in equal measure!

Nazgul owes a debt of thanks to Skogen, former owner of Chanteloup Creations, for unearthing this rarity from his own collection some months ago. You may recall that it was Skogen who first unveiled the Heimatleid demos for Nazgul earlier this year, which signalled another fertile area for musical investigation back in late summer. At the same time this short demo tape came to light (Nazgul's copy being #6 of the 66), and once again there is nothing written about the band anywhere online that I've been able to track down.

So once again welcome to a world exclusive Blog entry on the latest addition to the Hugin discography, and the latest cause for revision to the definitive Metal Archives summary of his past bands (sorry Micha, and thanks in advance!)

It may not come as a great surprise to learn that the four songs on this demo - which are unique to this tape - are both structured and performed very much in the style of Hrossharsgrani of old, say circa the "Krieg" era. In actual fact, if you were to study the inside of the 'Raben Nacht' inlay you would spot in the background behind the trees on the credits listing some rather familiar stone towers, which Nazgul believes to be the same towers that adorn the front of the earlier 'Krieg' demo tape cover.

To that end, musically these are familiar in sound and have that 'dry' buzzing guitar tone set above the pounding battle-drums beloved of many Hross' songs, whilst synthesiser and keyboard riffs contribute the melodic element of the tracks. Vocals are in the harsh style, sung in English. Incidentally, Alex kindly dedicated the cover of the cassette case with the words "Odin's Raven will guide you! Hugin" but as you're doubtless very keen to see the cover image properly Nazgul has put the inlay in another case for the photo you see here.

Again, you have to wonder where the other 65 of these demos might have ended up over time, and whether anyone out there could actually lay their hands on one?! There's a very high probability I should think that the songs playing in the background as Nazgul types this entry are not being played anywhere else around the globe at this time, which kind of makes you think. It probably makes you think that Nazgul should get out more....

It's a short demo, but a good demo, and any new project of Alex's is always worth some quality Blog space so enjoy this early festive present from Nazgul.

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