Friday, 11 December 2009


Title: Hrossharsgrani
Format: Self-titled rehearsal tape from 1999 in tape format, originally made by Alex for his friend R******* from Ravenclaw. The 2CDr version whose cover is shown in photo 1 was made especially for Nazgul by Alex in order to improve the sound quality from the tape original. Neither format at time of writing has been officially issued as a demo or album.
Edition: Both the CDr version and cassette version limited to these unique single copies

Track Listing:

Side A/CD1
1. Durin 8.29
2. Nimrodel 7.00
3. Felagund (Part II) 7.56
4. Mithrandir 7.07
5. Das 3. Ende 3.03
6. Bilbo Beutlin 7.45
7. Das Lied Von Lorien (Die Sprache der Elben jenseits der See) 5.14
Side B/CD2
8. Quenta Silmarillion (Part II) 44.18

Yet another reason for Nazgul to be eternally grateful for the friendship and support for this Blog offered by Alex is demonstrated in the existence of these two great items now being safely stored in the collection deep within the vaults of Castle Nazgul. Neither the tape (originally made back in 1999 and totally unique) nor the 2xCDr set (made in 2009 for Nazgul) have received a wider release than the two copies you see illustrated here, and are thus amongst the rarest of all Hrossharsgrani material. For reasons lost in the midst of time the tape demo was never sent to fellow Ravenclaw member R******* (aka 'he who must not be named') and the release has remained locked away in the depths of W.A.R. Productions until this year.

In terms of the music this is 'prime-time' Hrossharsgrani from back in the formative early days of the band, so as you might expect there is a plentiful supply of hammering battle-drums, harsh vocals, varied keyboard and synthesiser moments, and atmosphere aplenty. Ordinarily you might expect Nazgul to go through this release song by song, but on this occasion the temptation is being resisted as there is always the possibility of over-analysis by so doing, and to be honest if you enjoy the early work of this band you'll know the sort of thing that you'll encounter (and if you aren't such a fan, why are you still reading this....?!)

There are some long tracks on this rehearsal demo, particularly on the second side where an original early recording of the 'Quenta Silmarrilion (Part II)' is recorded - a track which you'll recall was subsequently issued on CD by AMF Productions (Bulgaria) under the Uruk Hai band name (see past Blog entries for more).

A real treasure in Nazgul's collection this, and thanks to the duality of format Alex prepared it in it is available for aural pleasure on both the death-deck in the castle library or via the more modern equipment in Nazgul's car.

Who knows - given the recent spate of reissues going on under the watchful eye of W.A.R. perhaps this rehearsal too might gain a full release in due course....

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