Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Title: Heidensturm
Format: Re-issued cassette tape-only release of the original 3 track demo, revising the final track. Released by Wulfrune Worxx (France), catalogue reference WW85, in 2009. Black and white inlay, part of the Remember CC series.
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of 44 tapes

Track Listing:

01. Heidensturm 30.23
02. Zwei Raben 4.29
03. Nordlandsschlacht 8.19

"To David, in Honour & Darkness"

So this tape is dedicated, and how proud Nazgul was to read that dedication when it arrived from deepest Austria earlier this month. The Honour And Darkness Blog is nearing it's first birthday - how time has flown! - and Nazgul is delighted that it's touched the lives of a few of you out there in a positive way, not least the main-main himself! Thank you, Alex, for your kind words.

It was back on 26 May that the original Heidensturm demo (originally recorded in 2002) was covered in the Blog in its original Werwolf pressing, complete with Burzum track 'Hermodr A Helferd' as the final track. On this re-issued tape this song is replaced by a fine Hrefnesholt original piece - 'Nordlandsschlacht' - and comes with new artwork courtesy of the Wulfrune Worxx label. And how cunning is the cover, being so similar to Nazgul's own rough-hewn, tough-as-nails warrior-esque physique!

Ironically, as reported in the original Blog piece, the 2002 demo was not that widely distributed (50 copies) so the fact that the re-issue has even fewer copies (44, of which Nazgul's copy is #2) means that perhaps not as many people will get to hear this as would be desirable. That said, it's a blessing to see the music available again as it was one of Nazgul's favourite Hrefnesholt demos anyway, with the truly epic half-hour 'Heidensturm' title track and the more bouncy 'Zwei Raben' now being augmented by the musical maelstrom that is 'Nordlandsschlacht', which has an ambient introduction similar to modern-day Uruk Hai, a spoken word part over drums that is modern Hrefnesholt (think "Furchtelmandl" yet some vocal parts and music that echo the classic days of barbaric Hrossharsgrani output. Great stuff all round!

And as the first winter snows fall softly around the walls of Castle Nazgul, and the howling winds that herald the start of 'Zwei Raben' are heard once more, the Honour & Darkness Blog thanks Alex once again for his kindness on the reissue of this particular demo and urges you all to seek it out and give it your undivided attention.

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