Thursday, 24 December 2009

Festive Frolics > Schlaganfall + After Aids...

What the Dickens is it, Nazgul? It's our hero Alex, circa 1984-86...!!

With a bit of a squint and a healthy measure of some medicinal brandy, this could almost pass for an almost festive image of a tinsel-wrapped German punk rocking out under the Christmas tree...

In reality, it's none other than Hugin in his early metal years kicking out the jams and kicking over the potted plants!

The two bands mentioned here - Schlaganfall, and After Aids - were early groups put together by Hugin with his friend Roland, playing "German Punk Rock". Despite a few emails put around to likely suspects, however, no one is owning up to having any recordings left of those halycon days....

You just don't see material like this everyday!

Merry Christmas to you, one and all, and Nazgul thanks each and every one of you for your support during 2009.

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