Saturday, 5 December 2009

ELISABETHA > Huren Dracula's artwork

Item: Previously unseen artwork for unreleased "Huren Dracula's" CD

In a recent parcel of items that crossed the stormy seas between snow-capped Austria and the craggy mountain ranges surrounding Castle Nazgul was this interesting piece of artwork, ostensibly a cover for a release of the 'Huren Dracula's' track that keen readers may recall graced track 4 on the "Und Wirklichkeit erf├╝llt die Seele wieder" full-length release from Elisabetha in 2004.

If this was planned as a single - and let us remember that Elisabetha had a history of releasing 7" vinyl singles back in 2001/02, so such a release is not as improbable as it may sound - then to Nazgul's knowledge it never was issued formally. Perhaps the artwork that you see here - depicting an elegant gowned lady standing in front of wrought-iron gates viewing by moonlight a stone statue of a winged, hooded creature - was intended for the cover image?

This seems the most probable explanation, but whilst we ponder the possibility Nazgul is pleased to publish the image online for what might possibly be the first ever time.

Edit [18/12/09]: A little more diligent sleuthing online has revealed that there was in fact supposed to be a CD release called "Huren Dracula's" in late 2003, to be released by Blodmorfogh Productions. This clearly never happened, but the artwork you see above is perhaps the last remnant of those original plans.

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