Saturday, 19 December 2009

BONEMACHINE > logo design

Item: The original A4 diagram that shows the design of the band logo

As Bonemachine were the subject of the last post, Nazgul decided to rummage through his folder of art and artifacts connected to Alex's projects to see what might fall out. And lo - this complicated looking sketch came to light, which shows the original design of the Bonemachine logo back in the early days circa the "Endzeit" and "Monolog & Rhythmus" period in the early 2000's.

Having done a little engineering drawing in distant school-days, Nazgul shudders at the thought of working out some of those angles!

As with most of Alex's bands over time, the logo has changed a few times - this was not the one used on the original Destination Hell CDr release, for example, and there are different ones again on "War Against Banana" and "Bombardements." When the band changed to use the B-Machina name, a few different iterations of the new band logo were used too. However, the old angular Bonemachine title is a favourite of Nazgul's, not least because the original items from the band obtained for his collection all bear it on their covers.

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