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Title: War Against Banana
Format: 3" CDr in mini-DVD case, released on the Tosom label (Germany) in 2007, catalogue reference TOSOM XS-002. The release has 3 inlay cards, one for each band and one showing edition number and label details. Split release with Norwegian band Maskinanlegg.
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of 150 copies

Track Listing:

01. Bonemachine - War 10:49
02. Maskinanlegg - Banana 10:02

The bizarre title aside, this is Bonemachine in pure industrial noise mode, accompanied by eclectic Norwegian pioneers Maskinanlegg with an *ahem* interesting track, more of which later!

Nazgul's edition (#21/150) was described by Tosom as follows:

"Austrian War Industrial meets great Norge Noise. Split release by Bonemachine from Austria and Maskinanlegg from Norway. Each project with one track. "War Against Banana" is a strange kind of electronic art from the vaults of Europe."

This release is perhaps one of the least immediately accessible in Nazgul's collection. The Bonemachine song does grow on you over time, as the mechanised rhythms in the middle section around 6 minutes in overtakes the more sporadic, effect-laden industrial soundscapes of the initial few minutes. There is a distinct groove and melody to be found, which makes it a far more pleasant listen to these ears that the Maskinanlegg outing, which Nazgul can only describe as the sound of a large military helicopter slowly but noisily landing amongst a herd of cattle, whilst lunatics look on. Totally whacked!

Online fanzine had this to say about the release (literally translated using Google translation services, hence the slightly stilted prose):

"Bonemachine describe themselves as Industrial War, quite a relaxed start then passing into a hypnotic drone ritual. That's exactly my thing! Over time, joined to another, slower rhythm, which sounds somewhat mechanical and oscillates between clear and faded picture. After about six and a half minutes faster, more hectic rhythm sets in, uses the much higher frequencies. After some time [he] begins to reduce the number of layers and again until the track ends up back there, where he has begun. The last few seconds of it jarring a little, in my view unnecessarily, for the wonderfully hypnotic mood somewhat suffers. However, there is no time to enjoy the trance state - Maskinanlegg come along with much harsher sounds...."

And Club-Debil weren't that complementary about Maskinanlegg either, in case you're wondering!

Despite the relatively small limitation a few of these still knock around online - indeed, checking around today there is one on eBay and another at the Tosom website itself ( if you fancy taking the plunge. For fans of the industrial genre, well worth a go. For more 'traditional' Hugin fans accustomed to his Uruk Hai outings, perhaps a banana too far...?

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