Saturday, 7 November 2009

URUK HAI > Legacy Of The Tyrant t-shirt

Item: The 'Legacy Of The Tyrant' white cotton t-shirt (no back print) from 2007.
Edition: Only 10 made

An interesting story lies behind the name of this particular Uruk Hai t-shirt. Back in around 2005 some posts appeared on various internet sites from Dragonsbreath Records advertising a forthcoming Uruk Hai compilation CD to be called "Legacy Of The Tyrant" (see, for example, this one at Ultimate Metal

For various reasons this proposed release - destined to be a box-set, possibly featuring 4 discs of material - was not to be. However, a few t-shirts clearly were made in anticipation of the event, for in December of 2007 I bought this one from Alex.

Whilst this may sound a story destined for a sad conclusion, an interesting development took place earlier this year when a news update on the Israeli label T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!! for May of this year shook Nazgul to his very core! This time, a proposed 8CD box-set (!!) was slated as forthcoming, which will be the long delayed "Legacy Of The Tyrant" box set and is due to contain rare, unreleased and remixes plus some video clips.

As one of my old friends used to say, "all good things to he who waits..."

In the meantime this splendid t-shirt with its suitably naturalistic motif is currently advertising the impending event to all those inhabitants in and around Castle Nazgul, and surrounding districts...!

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