Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Band: HUGIN MUNIN (featuring our Hugin on track 1)
Title: Ravens Empire
Format: Independently released 5 song CD EP from 2008, in card sleeve with no catalogue reference. The introduction is provided by Alex and the remaining songs - in Viking death metal style - penned by Hugin Munin of São Paulo, Brazil
Edition: unknown

Track Listing:

1. Ravens Empire 01:30
2. Thor in Jotunheim 04:20
3. Battle for Asgard 03:21
4. A Viking Funeral 04:08
5. Capture of Fenris 05:03

Hugin Munin are a five-piece Viking metal band, hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, and named after the companion ravens of Odin. This five-track EP is the second release from, following the 2008 debut single "A Viking Funeral". The five songs on offer here were later re-released on the limited pressing (Europe-only) "Viking Brothers" album of 2009, and both feature the introductory track 'Ravens Empire' penned and performed by our very own Hugin, A.W.

Nazgul found a cogent review of this EP at the Judas Kiss webzine, so here is the relevant part:

"The EP opens with its title track, a short, atmospheric intro contributed by Hugin of Hrossharsgrani. With swelling orchestral pomp of strings and brass and choirs, this is sweepingly cinematic in an epic, Conan The Barbarian style. After that, the band launch into ‘Thor In Jotunheim’, which is mid-paced with growled death metal vocals and twin tremolo guitar leads. Hugin Munin are taking their cues from death metal and classic heavy metal in the Judas Priest / Saxon / Accept tradition much more than from black metal, and there’s an evident debt to Unleashed, Bathory and early Amon Amarth ... so Viking and heathen themes are prominent throughout."

And that, in a nutshell, is pretty much on the money! As a mechanism for Hugin Munin to get their product better known they could certainly have done far worse than to enlist the services of an internationally recognised musician like Alex, so kudos to them for the approach and initiative.

From Nazgul's perspective, the solitary track from Alex is a short but enjoyable piece that does exactly what it says on the tin - introduces the album and the pillaging style of his Brazilian brothers in arms.

The "Viking Brothers" album is probably the one to go for though, should you feel inclined to try out the band, and this is available from the Beverina and War website (http://www.myspace.com/tonkunstschmiede) with some limited edition goodies thrown in too, all of which Nazgul will cover at a future date.

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