Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Band: HROSSHARSGRANI plus 17 other artists
Title: Pagan Folk & Apocalyptic Psychedelia
Format: Card sleeve promo CD from Steinklang Industries (Austria), released June 2009.
Edition: Unlimited

Track Listing:

01 TETHRIPPON - Andreios
02 VINTERRIKET - Bergtal
03 STURMPERCHT - Das letzte Zapfenmanderl
04 ÀRNICA - Tu miedo
05 FALKENSTEIN - Kraftort
06 ALLERSEELEN - Sturmlied
08 SANGRE CAVALLUM - Chin glin din
09 WERKRAUM - La marmotte
10 DÉFILÉ DES ÂMES - Trivial
11 THE JOY OF NATURE - Tanchão
12 JAHRTAL - Kleines verlorenes Kind
13 NEBELKORONA - Baumgespenster
14 HROSSHARSGRANI - Countess Bathory 4.20
15 SVARROGH - Life water Krynitsa
16-ONCE A BARGE - Kristall
18 KLAMMHEIM - Schwarzweisse Welt

Part of an ongoing series of advance CDs from Steinklang, this year focusing more on folk and neo-folk releases, this 2009 compilation features a hitherto unavailable cover song from Hrossharsgrani, so is well worth a listen for all Huginophiles out there!

Recently Nazgul posted a piece about a unqiue 4-band CDr that Alex had prepared for him, on which was an Elisabetha cover song of an old Venom track 'Countess Bathory.' In that version that song was vocal-less, but in this more recent version it has the lyrics (in a low, rumbling tone) that do add a certain menace to the song compared to the instrumental version. The catchy keyboard refrain is still there, and all told although it's less a typical Hrossharsgrani track than much of the recent work from the project it remains a cracking song.

This compilation is also interesting for featuring a neo-folk track with sung vocals (as opposed to screams) - 'Bergtal' - from Vinterriket (who have recorded with Uruk Hai, of course), which I am reliably informed is representative of their most recent album and a move away from the cold, black synthesised compositions of years gone by. Also of note is the track from Svarrogh (featuring former Ravenclaw member Dimo Dimov).

Not an expensive purchase, and plenty of varied music on this release to make picking one up a no-brainer!

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