Thursday, 5 November 2009


Item: Promotional A4 flyer for the "...Of Battles, Ravens and Fire" release from CCP Records

An interesting double-sided promotional flyer for this Hrossharsgrani release from Austrian label CCP Records, not least for the biographical information on the reverse side (photo 2 above).

In this we learn that:

"In winter 1998 the project Hrossharsgrani was founded by Hugin (ex. Schlaganfall, After Aids and Heimatleid)."

What's all this, thought Nazgul? Schalaganfall....?! After Aids...??!! Who they??!!

Well, fingers crossed Nazgul might have something more to add to this story later this year, as part of another HonourAndDarkness 'global exclusive'!

Meanwhile, back to the rest of the CCP blurb:

"At the beginning it should be a pure 'Dark Ambient' project but soon it became a very rough but still atmospheric form of Black Metal , as on the 1st demo CD "Der Pfad Zum Tor Der Toten." The 2nd demo "Lieder Aus Mittelerde", which was released through the German tape-label Irrlichter Records has more epic and sad keyboard-sounds which fits quite well to the J.R.R. Tolkien concept.

At the beginning of the new Millennium Hugin released his 3rd demo "Ancient Tales" on CD. At this 74 minute long CD you can listen to Hrossharsgrani's first clear vocals, acoustic guitars and battledrums which transform Hugin's music into a very martial form of Viking Black Metal. The reviews from all over the world were very good and so this demo was sold 300 times in only 4 months.

At the same time the 2nd part of the "Lieder..." demo, named "Der Ring Der Macht", was released on tape through the French tape-label Chanteloup Creations. It has still the Tolkien concept but with much more keyboard parts, which creates more epic and bombastic feelings.

After this Hrossharsgrani entered the CCP Records studio the first time to give the new songs a professional sound. The new CD "...Of Battles, Ravens And Fire" developed, which will be released through CCP Records. Each warriors heartbeat will increase when he is listening to these mighty sounding 'Atmospheric Viking Battles'. Hugin, who normally works alone, became help for this CD from Roland (ex. Dogma, Curtis Pregnant, After Aids and Schlaganfall) on the guitar and Eva who speaks the female parts. With battles and choirs they creased a music which accompany the listener through ancient, glorious times.

Also in the future Hrossharsgrani want to walk beside the path by producing clearly outstanding, epic sound-scapes without any forces or preconditions. Atmospheric Viking Metal - where battles and choirs accompany the listener through a glorious time."

to be continued......

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